5 Ways to Deal With Lockdown Loneliness

No, you are not #foreveralone. 

Just when you thought the world was inching towards a semblance of normalcy, the Covid-19 comes back to haunt us. 

But do not let the lockdowns and vigorous social distancing steal away your sunshine. The second wave of the pandemic requires us to put forth a braver front to get back to life as we knew it or even better. And, that includes facing your demons such as the lockdown loneliness. According to a recent study by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), Oxford about 17 per cent of patients afflicted by the virus displayed anxiety disorders, 14 per cent showed mood disorders, 7 per cent were prone to substance misuse disorders and 5 per cent reported insomnia.

So, do not suffer in silence. Wellness coach Arouba Kabir, the founder of Enso Wellness, shares how you can deal with lockdown loneliness and keep yourself safe: 

1.  Accept that loneliness is normal. You will not always have people by your side all the time especially the one you would want to have,  so it is okay to accept loneliness and after accepting it, it gets easier to overcome it. 

2. Recognise the effects of loneliness. Embrace the feeling, identify how it is affecting you, causing impairments or dysfunctions in your life to fully come to grasp it. 

3.  Seek professional help. Once you have accepted and recognised the feeling of loneliness,  do not suffer in silence especially if it is a recurring feeling that is coming in way of your daily living. A professional can help you deal with the negative feelings and advice you on how to handle them. 

4. Practice self-love. Make sure that you take a few precious 15-20 minutes from your schedule to have a positive conversation with yourself. Exercise, connect with a friend, eat something you like, take some time to do things that make you happy.

5.  Nurture relationships. Don’t cut off talking to your nears and dears. Talk to them, initiate the communication and thus reduce the intensity of loneliness.