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How to Deal with Stress and Overcome it, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Do you throw legendary temper tantrums like a Scorpio or think of a solution like a Cancerian? Tarot Card reader and numerologist Anantikaa R Vig shares how each zodiac sign handles stress and what can actually help them!


Battling trust issues can often bring more stress in their already whirlwind of a life. Arians are usually not good at delegating responsibilities because they love taking ownership and doing tasks all by themselves. That and their lack of patience can cause their stress levels to reach an all-time high.

Tip to overcome stress: Wear Carnelian Crystal to overcome impatience.


Taureans thrive on consistency, stability and material security. They get stressed if they don’t feel comfortable, safe or if their loved ones are in a mess. Change is also something that triggers them and makes them feel stressed thinking about all the adjustments they would have to make. 

Tip to overcome stress: Wear Tourmaline and Peridot Crystal to purify and transform denser energies into lighter energies and align the chakras.  


Overthinking Cancerians, are fond of planning for a “what if” situation. One of their biggest fears is losing someone they love. So, they often find themselves moving towards negative thoughts and that is a sure-shot cause of stress. So, meditate, walk or exercise a bit to get away from all the negative thinking.

Tips to overcome stress: Wear Moonstone and Rhodonite Crystal that aids self-esteem and dispelling negative energies. 


Geminis are not pleased in the least when they have to make important life decisions. Changes in their physical appearance, as well as personality changes in others, can often stress them out too. 

Tips to overcome stress: Wear Moonstone to help express yourself and make a decision with clarity and confidence. 


Attention seeking Leos tend to get stressed in the absence of any attention! It’s like wilting flowers not being noticed. 
Tips to overcome stress: Wear Labradorite and Rhodochrosite to heal emotionally and learn not to base your self-worth on others' opinions. 


Virgos love to bottle their emotions up until things get too much for them and they quietly burst. Not only is this really stressful, but it can also lead to physical and social problems for them.

Tips to overcome stress: Wear Amazonite and Jade to boost positive energies within yourself and help you communicate your thoughts and opinions with integrity. 


Lovely Librans are the most sorted among the other zodiac signs. They know how to balance their issues and manage stress. They have a direct connection to their emotions and are able to use a range of techniques such as music, meditation and exercise to alleviate stress. However, Librans may lose their confidence or stress-management skills if they are subjected to bullying.

Tips to overcome stress: Wear Green Aventurine and Black Tourmaline Crystal 


It is always said that you should never be dishonest with a Scorpio. The Scorpions demand honesty and can lose their temper or get stressed if they feel their loved ones are disloyal. 

Tips to overcome stress: Wear Rhodochrosite Crystal. 


Boring routines and conversations can be really stressful for a Sagittarian. They love their freedom and may feel caged in by small minds and repressive daily routine.

Tips to overcome stress: Wear Amethyst & Clear Quartz Crystal 


Workaholic Capricornians get stressed if there is a lack of work. They also have a habit of overthinking and pessimism before anything even happens. All this festers and leads to a very stressed out Capricorn. 

Tips to overcome stress: Wear Smoky Quartz & Rose Quartz Crystal 


They easily get affected by seeing other people in pain. Intuitive and empathetic Aquarians absorb other people’s stress and end up with irritation or dizziness that drains their energies. 

Tips to overcome stress: Wear Rhodonite & Amethyst Crystal 


They literally bury themselves in stress and isolation at times. They are also empathetic and get low or stressed because of other people issues in life. They compromise a lot in their life and give more time to pleasing others or doing things for people. They often turn into hoarders and need intensive therapy to de-clutter their lives and live a peaceful life.

Tips to overcome stress: Moonstone and Amethyst Crystal