5 Pro Tips Every Woman Needs to Know Before Shopping For Lingerie 

The top tips for buying the best underwear 

Have you wondered why you just wear some bras or panties more often than others, it could be because they are more comfortable or they feel good against your skin. If all your lingerie felt like this, how wonderful it would be. But why doesn’t that happen? Simply because you may not be picking up the right lingerie. As offline and online stores are inundated with options, it can be quite overwhelming to pick just a few. If going lingerie shopping fills you with actual dread, here’s some tips that would make cruising for intimates easier.

The cup needs a little more focus

A bra is so much more than a piece of underwear, it can in fact make or break that cleavage. So if you have fuller boobs opt for a plunge bra for a flattering look but if you are looking for some support, then a balcony-style is a better bet. And if you have smaller breasts got for a non-wired bralet for a subtle lift and flattering shape. 

Invest in different styles 

“One bra type doesn't fit all. Do buy bras that provide all solutions to the wardrobe. Start investing in good fitting strapless, pushups, and backless bra styles,” suggests Kiruba Devi, head category and sourcing, Zivame. You should aim at having at least four to five go-to bras—a sexy black bra, a T shirt bra that you can wear underneath anything in nude as well as white, a matching bra and panty set that makes you feel like a million dollars, a few pairs of black, nude and white panties (hipsters, briefs and thongs) for everyday outfits.

Don’t discount how you feel

You would be wearing your lingerie for a long time, so it’s important to take into account how you feel when you put them on. If you are at a store, do try on a few before deciding on a single one.

guide to buying the right lingerie

Flatter your peach

You need to give as much thoughts to your knickers or panties as you do to your bras. If you have a curvy butt try a thong for a flattering fit, but it you aren’t comfortable with thongs, then go for a high-waisted hipster that universally flattering. If you have an athletic body type then Brazilian briefs are your go-to panties they give an illusion of a peachier posterior.

Pay attention to quality and materials used. 

Kiruba points out that do not automatically assume that expensive is better. “Look at the quality and features before purchasing the product. Check for details like mindful design, excellent construction, and usage of high-quality materials to ensure that lingerie will deliver in terms of fit and feel,” she adds. Also your lingerie has a shelf life like everything else so change them after every six months before they lose their shape or the fabric wears out.