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Designer Bags to Fine Jewellery: Learn Which Investment Pieces Are Actually Worth Your Money

*Works overtime to afford these bags* 

Lakhs of rupees feels like a lot (okay, an insane amount) to spend on one bag, especially considering the other things you could use that money for (erm, food to live?). But if you have saved enough to afford a Iux-ury piece you have been drooling over for years, you are not just throwing away your dosh. “You might be able to get back a legit amount if you ever decide to sell it”, says Sasha Skoda, Head of women’s retail at US-based luxury resale company The RealReal. Here is what wiII net you the most cash on the back-end.

Coat, Burberry

% of the price you’ll make back

89% - Designer Bags 
The best investment is a Chanel bag. Don’t have INR 6,00,000? More reasonable  Louis Vuitton and Dior ones will fetch dough, too.

70% - Trendy Totes
Your next best bet would be a less classic but still cute designer tote, like the Loewe luxury Puzzle bag or a Dior Saddle bag. 

70% - Fine Jewellery
Brand pieces, like the Cartier Love bracelet, retain most of their value over 
time—precious metals and stones don’t deteriorate.

45% - Luxe Footwear
Even in pristine condition, fuzzy Gucci mules (above) won’t get you the highest resale price. (They’re still pretty, though.)

40% - Labelled Shades
Sunnies are even harder to sell, according to Sasha, but they still have okay returns. It’s just so easy to lose or scuff them.

33% - Branded Coats
Not much resale love here, but you can still make bank on a Burberry if you bought it on sale. Used coats from Moncler are 
worth even more.

Mules, Gucci

Where to sell them (Come to me, cold, hard cash)

1. RETAG: Established in 2018, the site has luxe items that are approved and authenticated.

2. SARITORIA: They source South Asian pre-loved designer wear that goes through a strict three-step authentication process to ensure their consumers get nothing but the best.

3. CONFIDENTIAL COUTURE: Offers a curated selection of luxe goods that’ll spoil you for choice at great prices. 

4. LUXEPOLIS: You can easily sell items via WhatsApp and once sold, you receive approx 70% to 80% of the sale price.

5. MY LUXURY BARGAIN: Trust this website to hold a bidding war for your bag!