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5 delivery kitchens across India to order your fix of Ramadan food from 

From melt-in-the-mouth kebabs, crisp kheema samosas to decadent phirni, you’re spoilt for choice. 

The month of Ramadan started last week and even though it involves abstinence and fasting, it wouldn’t be complete without the flavourful meals—sehri and iftar—which observers have to break the fast together in a meaningful and spiritual manner. For iftar, the evening meal, families and loved ones gather around a delicious spread that changes from city to city, country to country. But some dishes such as biryani, and fried snacks like samosas, and kebabs remain constant. If you’re looking to up your iftar game this Ramadan, Cosmopolitan India has got you sorted with a list of delivery kitchens across Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Bengaluru that are delivering home indulgence.

Iktara, Mumbai


Delivering across Mumbai and Alibaug, Iktara is a cloud kitchen run by restaurateur Gauri Devidayal (of The Table fame). The service dishes like Eid-special nalli nihari (slow-cooked stew with bone-in mutton pieces introduced to India by Mughals) accompanied by soft naan, biryani, and a variety of kebab platters to pick from (or order all!). Their regular dishes like the raan (whole roast leg of mutton) biryani, chicken samosa, and sheer khurma sound just as scrumptious.

House of Biryan, Mumbai

House of Biryan

House of Biryan is a cloud kitchen doling out various types of biryanis, kebabs, and more. If you’re looking for a place to order from for your iftar party, then the delivery kitchen will sort you out! Choose from a host of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options—think lamb chop biryani, koyla-smoked paneer tikka biryani, and bhuna chicken biryani. Their sides are just as irresistible; think dishes like beetroot galouti kebabs, mushroom tikka, and mutton seekh kebabs. 

Ammu, Pune


If you’re craving decadent, home-style food that screams comfort, then Ammu, run by celebrity chef Amninder Sandhu should be your go-to. They’re the perfect place to order from for larger gatherings—the delivery kitchen offers kebabs in sets of 12 or 24, and you can order up to 3kgs in their Biryani By The Kilo section of the menu. There are plenty of options to choose from—we recommend the dahi ke kebabs and the truffle naga mushroom kebabs for a sumptuous vegetarian feat, and mutton seekh, mutton galouti, and chicken tikka if classics are on your mind. Don’t miss their raan or the raan biryani, which is one of their signature dishes. 

Indian Alchemy, Delhi-NCR

Indian Alchemy

Delhi-based Indian Alchemy, a food delivery service, showcases a modern and unique approach to traditional Indian food. This year, too, they have a special iftar menu that will run through the period of Ramadan. Expect dishes such as keema samosas with green pea chutney, mutton shami with stuffed dry fruits, traditional biryani served with mirchi ka salan (curried chilli peppers), and raita, chicken kalmi tikke (chicken marinated in curd), and seviyan (sweet vermicelli). 

Khanposh, Bengaluru


Khanposh is offering an iftari menu on rotation, which means they’ll have a special custom menu every day. Some of the dishes available include mixed pakoras, chana dal salad, sweet potato chaat, bun kebab, and more. The boxes are available for both dine-in and delivery, and the restaurant is also taking bulk orders. They’ll also be doling out indulgent Lucknow-style nihari, a slightly spicy mutton dish that is slowly stewed over hours so you get soft and succulent meat that melts in the mouth.