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Erotic movies and series to watch with your boo

Taking Netflix and chill quite literally. 

There’s no denying that we all enjoy the occasional, extravagant date nights—wearing your best outfit, being showered with flowers, and all the works. But amid the din of city life, hectic work schedules, and heavily-filled social calendar, nothing really seems as romantic and warm as snuggling into bed with your beau and having a cute movie night in the comfort of your home. While there are a plethora of movies that maybe on your watch list, we had something else in mind. Considering the Netflix and Chill euphemism, we rounded up a list of what we think are some of the most erotic and steamy movies that you can watch to turn the heat up with you boo. Trust us, you’ll thank us later. 

The Fifty Shades Trilogy 


Well, an erotic movie list could never be complete without Mr Grey, could it? The Fifty Shades trilogy starring the undeniably hot, Jamie Dornan and stunning Dakota Johnson are based on novels by the same name by E L James. The first film, Fifty Shades of Grey uncovers the first inklings of attraction and desire between Grey and Anastasia Steele, who explores her BDSM desires and more until she discovers Grey’s dark past and hidden secrets. In the second film, Fifty Shades Darker, the two resume their relationships on Ana’s terms and enjoy a romantic, yet steamy relationship until Grey’s past seems to surface yet again. In the last film, Fifty Shades Freed, the two finally let go of their past, get married and look forward to a loving married life, which of course, comes with its own hurdles along the way. 

Cruel Intentions 


This 1999 romantic drama follows the story of two viscious and abhorrently spoilt step-siblings of an elite Manhattan prep school who place a wager on who can seduce the headmaster’s daughter Annette, who has vowed to maintain chastity until marriage. This twisted tale is as steamy as it can get, and we’d definitely recommend watching it if you’re in the mood to switch things up with your boo. 



What could get steamier than the erotic fantasies of a Duke and to-be-Duchess of the Elizabethan era? Based on the series of novels by Julia Quinn, the first season of Bridgerton follows the swoon-worthy romance between the Duke of Hastings and a young Daphne Bridgerton that has its own set of obstacles and twists but ends on a fine note. If you’re in the mood to turn on the heat, skip the first few episodes and watch episode 6, where the two are seen indulging in one too many steamy and hot AF sessions. Or you can binge-watch the series for the perfect blend of all things steamy and romantic. 



This movies series is based on the best-selling novel by Anna Todd and follows the story of Tessa as she enters her first semester in college. With straight As, a healthy relationship with her mother, and a high-school sweetheart, who is still her boyfriend, life is pretty alright for her—until she meets Hardin Scott. Like the start of all great romances, he turns her life upside down as the two explore a steamy and intense relationship with each other and uncover dark secrets about each other’s past. If you happen to enjoy the film, you can even watch the next in the series: After We Collided, After We Fell, After Ever Happy and After Everything. 

Normal People


This Irish psychological, romantic drama is based on the novel by Sally Rooney of the same name. The mini-series follows the relationship between Marianne Sheridan and Connell as they prepare themselves for the early years of adulthood at college. Amid their complicated past, and families, the series focuses on the couple’s relationship through it all. We’d definitely recommend watching this for those looking for a heartfelt yet steamy watch. 

Gossip Girl


For those who want to take a trip down memory lane for an absolutely throwback, watch this show that was truly too hot to handle. In the first few episodes of Gossip Girl, Chuck and Blair, Serena and Dan, Nate and Diana or any of your other favourite characters get down and dirty and inspire you to do the same. Our top picks? Season 1, episode 7 when Chuck and Blair make optimum use of the backseat of the limousine, season 1 episode 11 where Serena and Dan get together the first time and even seasons 3 episode 14 when Serena and Nate have a steamy morning with whipped cream and chocolate-covered strawberries. 



This Spanish teen drama is set in an elite high school and revolves around the relationship of three working class students who made their way into the school through scholarships and their elite counterparts. Much like a regular teenage show, this one, too, comes with its set of drama, tears, and laughter. It also focuses on new-age themes, with many sexually diverse scenes coming to play.