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5 Face Yoga Exercises For a Sculpted Jawline and Chiseled Cheekbones

Looking to tone your facial muscles? Take a cue from a face yoga expert. 

Face yoga refers to the science of exercising and training your facial muscles in a way that they get stimulated and receive accelerated blood flow. To sculpt your face, achieve model-like high cheekbones and get rid of that droopy double chin, you know need to know the right face yoga exercises to perform. To guide you through, face yoga expert and founder of House of Beauty, Vibhuti Arora demonstrates 5 perfect exercises that'll give a sharp, lean face before you know it!

Vibhuti Arora, Face Yoga Expert & Founder of House of Beauty

Fish Face Exercise

This is a great exercise to tone and sculpt your cheek muscles (the zygomatic), as well as work on lifting your nasolabial folds and smile lines. Begin by sucking in your cheeks and hold this position for 30-60-90 seconds. Repeat as often as you please. Once you have mastered this practice after 2 weeks, your muscles would have built strength. This is the intermediate level of the exercise, whereby you create resistance. Hold the fish face and try to smile with your cheeks; the zygomatic muscles creating a power-lift. However, while practicing ensure that you smile solely with your cheek muscles and not your eyes.

Fish Face with a Jade roller

There are certainly some limitations that come with face yoga. And, this is when you must turn to face tools which have the ability to dive deeper into your muscles, releasing muscle tension and sculpting your skin to achieve the desired results. In the following exercise you must hold the fish face position, while simultaneously moving the jade roller from your chin to the earlobe with firm pressure. Next, move up from your cheeks all the way to your temples. Repeat this 6 times. As you continue holding the fish face position, look up and move the jade roller from your chin, downwards to the collar bone and further around your neck. This will help iron out wrinkles and sagging skin.

Face Sculpting with HOB Gua sha

If there's one beauty tool that can help sculpt and contour the face, it’s the gua sha! With consistent daily massage you can get rid of face swelling, improve blood circulation, support collagen production, and cut through stubborn face fat. Besides, it also helps tone and chisel your nose muscles that tend to expand as you age. Make sure to use a gua sha tool thrice a week and remember lubricating you face with a face oil before starting the process.

Air Kiss Exercise (Starting Position)

This simple face yoga exercise works wonders when it comes to getting rid of tough lines around your mouth. It gives you a well-defined jawline and a slim, lean neck. As you look upwards, make a pout (push your lips outwards with pressure). Hold this position for 20 seconds. Release and smile (again applying some pressure at the ends of your lips). Repeat the procedure 20 times to experience a burn. This face yoga exercise works on your nasolabial (smile) lines by activating the muscles of the mouth area.

Air Kiss Exercise (Movement)

Inverted Tongue Neck Stretch Exercise (Starting Position)

The inverted tongue neck stretch exercise is a brilliant way to work your lower face. Roll your tongue in and push it towards the roof of your mouth. Hold this position and look up, giving your neck an upward stretch. Now, push your tongue harder towards the roof of your mouth. The harder you push, the better the stretch. Close your eyes and come back to the starting position. This is a strong exercise and immediately channelizes blood flow towards the head. Hence, closing your eyes and coming back to position is essential.

Inverted Tongue Neck Stretch Exercise (Movement)