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How to Eat Healthy While Travelling

A nutritionist tells you what to eat to stay in shape

The year is coming to an end and most of us have travel plans to ring in the New Year by the beach or in the mountains. However, every time we travel our normal eating rules go out the window. When on a holiday with friends and family, it doesn’t seem sinful to dig into some ice cream, burgers and other calorie laden food that we come across. “Continuous munching on junk foods can lead to physical distress and discomfort. Since every single time you stop at a gas station, you would be having numerous fast food options and you may get stuck with unhealthy food choices,” says Ruchi Sharma, nutritionist and founder of Eat Fit Repeat. To help you plan your travel effectively and skip the calorie traps, she suggests healthy food ideas that will ensure you eat healthy, nutritious and clean.


It would definitely be very tempting to grab that Snicker bar when you stop to fill up on gas but you will be regretting it afterwards. Let’s make it easy with carrots. Carrots are full of nutritional value and are loaded with fiber and antioxidants. One of the simplest reasons to choose carrot as a road trip snack is that you often eat out of boredom not because you are hungry. So it’s good to go with such a healthy snack instead of binging on French fries, chocolates or other street foods.


Fruits are one of the healthiest options to go with when planning a trip. Fruits are available at almost every place so it’s easy to stock up on fruits when on road. Fruits are light on stomach, they provide fiber and keep you feeling full. However, avoid sliced fruits as they are not properly stored and are likely to have a lot of contaminants that can wreak havoc with your gut.

Homemade sandwiches

If you are going on a trip and want to eat healthy while driving without making a fuss, pack some sandwiches with you. These are way more better than any street food you will find on your way. These sandwiches can easily be prepared. You just need to take some buttered slices of bread, add some chutney (green chutney, plum chutney) of your choice inside it, add some vegetables or shredded, boiled chicken and you are all done.


Popcorn is one of the best options to go with when you are on a road trip. It’s a kind of mini on-the-go meal. And yes instead of getting the stale version of this snack from a gas station, you can make your own at home and pack it with you. Add some cheese, oil, salt and black pepper and the popcorn is ready to go with you.

Veggie Chips

Homemade vegetable chips are better than McDonald’s French fries. You can do it by slicing your vegetables in thin pieces and air frying it with some spices. You wouldn't feel guilty about munching on to these chips.