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Here's Your First Look at Bridgerton Season Two

As season 2 of the much-watched series returns on March 25, 2022, Netflix have given us a detailed look at the Bridgerton cast in character—and ooh it looks so good!

Psst, dear readers, we spy with our little eye glimpses of Bridgeton season 2. Netflix have given us a good look at the Bridgerton season 2 cast in character—and ooh it looks so good! We see Anthony Bridgerton dancing with Kate Sharma, the pair taking centre stage this season, and it looks like Daphne Bridgeton will stage a return as well. Dropping the photos on the official Bridgerton Instagram account, Netflix captioned the post: "Ask for more, and you shall receive, dear readers. Do enjoy an early view of what is to come this social season..." And... the fortuitous news has arrived! Bridgerton returns March 25th, 2022. As we wait, we will keep you updated on the latest from the Ton. .

Ladies and gentlefolk, all make way to the newest lead on Bridgerton, the lovely Kate Sharma.

And it seems like the girl-power have arrived as well.

Along with our beloved Bridgerton family.

Ah, young love. Here we spy Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma caught in a garden tryst.

Things sure seem to be heating up!

And, amongst other exciting occurrences, we are glad to see that Daphne is back.

Looks like Penelope (lady Whistledown, cough cough) and Eloise Featherington are discussing something spicy!

Looks like its shaping up to be quite an exciting season, doesn't it?