5 Fat-Loss Myths a Fitness Trainer Wishes People Would Stop Believing In

Fitness and transformation coach Yash Vardhan Swami shares sneaky habits that could be coming in the way of your #healthgoals. 

18 June, 2021
5 Fat-Loss Myths a Fitness Trainer Wishes People Would Stop Believing In

When it comes to getting in the best shape of your life, it can get confusing with the plethora of fitness information out there. Getting fit is about striking a balance between eating in moderation and indulging in the correct exercises. 

Fitness educator and transformation coach Yash Vardhan Swami believes that one should often question their coaches or fitness trainers when in doubt. He also shares some rampant fitness misconceptions that you must never believe: 

Myth: Cut out on carbs or fats in your diet.

Fact: There is no need to stop eating our favourite food, carbs, gluten and dairy to lose body fat. 
Eliminating entire food groups from your diet can actually make you unhealthy and also slow down your metabolism in the long run. So, eat in moderation and try to have a rainbow diet. 

Myth: You need to perform endless hours of cardio to lose fat.

Fact: Yes, cardio is amazing but going overboard is not the solution and can backfire. 
Instead, focus on nutrition and some progressive training along with some to reach your fitness goal.

Myth: Weight training would make women bulky.

Fact: No, weight training will not make you bulky. It actually gives a more toned and tighter look. The key is to watch your diet and consult your trainer for a holistic workout routine.  

Myth: When you lose weight, it goes down linearly.

Fact: No. Your body weight can fluctuate randomly as 50-70 per cent of our body is made up of water. the weight fluctuates based on things such as salt intake, sleep-wake timing, stress, carbohydrate intake, meal timing, menstrual cycle fluctuations (especially on week 2 and week 4 of the menstrual cycle) and the intensity or frequency of your workout.

Myth: Diet teas, pills and other hacks are quite effective.

Fact: There are no fitness shortcuts, diet supplements or weight-loss pills that work. If they did, everyone would have a six-pack!