5 tricks social media taught me to spice up my sex life

Experimentation all along.

18 September, 2023
5 tricks social media taught me to spice up my sex life

From the intriguing "knee thing" to the "stomach press", my Instagram feed has recently become a digital Kama Sutra of sorts, offering a collection of enticing foreplay tips and sexual tricks. And I'm certainly not one to keep exciting discoveries to myself! Let's dive into social media's sensual lessons for a steamier sex life. Thank me later.

The perfect chokehold    

While this tip may not be groundbreaking, it remains a personal favourite for a very good reason. There are few things in the world that a well-executed chokehold can't elevate. A delicate grasp around the neck can be a welcome addition to bedroom activities, whether they occur during foreplay or as the grand finale.

However, it's crucial to understand that when a woman expresses her desire for you to choke her, it's not an invitation to unleash your inner Hulk. Believe it or not, she doesn't want you to squeeze the life out of her. Instead, it's about mastering the art of restraint. You intentionally tighten your grip with just enough pressure to evoke a thrilling sense of threat and excitement but never to the extent that it impedes airflow (at least not for long enough).

The knee thing
Men, get ready for the "knee thing"—a technique that's taken the Internet (and the bedroom) by storm. Imagine this: you're on top of her, passionately making out, and that's when you gently slip your knee between her legs. Here's where the magic happens: You can softly press your knee and move it around in a circular motion against the middle of her legs, stimulating the clitoris. Alternatively, you can let her take charge and enjoy the intimate moment by grinding against your knee all on her own.

Coregasm 2.0

We're all acquainted with coregasms, essentially orgasms triggered by exercise. However, allow me to introduce you to an upgraded version—Coregasm 2.0. Ever since I started practicing Pilates regularly, engaging my core muscles has become second nature to me. What's intriguing is that having a strong core can also make a notable difference in the bedroom. This tried-and-trusted approach, at least in my experience, involves consciously engaging your core when you're approaching the peak of pleasure, providing that extra boost you might be seeking. This one is truly satisfying. 

The stomach press 

It comes as no surprise that the G-spot, following closely behind the clitoris, is a woman's best friend. The stomach press technique revolves around applying slight, and I emphasise the word slight, pressure to the lower abdomen of a woman while you're penetrating her with your penis, a toy, or your fingers. This strategic move serves as a delightful double trouble by stimulating the G-spot from the outside and the inside.

The pillow trick

Introducing a pillow beneath the hips may indeed sound like a straightforward move, but its impact goes well beyond simplicity. Here's how it works: the pillow raises your hips, changing how your body interacts during intimate moments. This slight elevation gives you and your partner a clear advantage—it creates a better angle, allowing for deeper and more precise sensations. It's like finding a shortcut to more intense pleasure without much effort.