5 weekly planner apps that will help you get your life together

When in doubt, pull out a to-do list.

03 January, 2024
5 weekly planner apps that will help you get your life together

The popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother serves as a comfort watch for many. While not fans of the subtle misogynistic punchlines, there are several tear-shedding moments that one cannot escape. Take, for instance, the New Year's episode (Tailgate - season 7, episode 13) where Robin, reporting live from the streets of America, describes the spirit of New Year saying, “That’s the magic of New Year. When the clock strikes midnight, we all get a fresh start. And I don’t know about you, but I could really use one.” Well, she's not wrong. Even if you get it wrong the first time, there is always a second chance. What we've come to realise is that the secret to getting it right the next time is advanced planning. And the easiest way to do that is with a weekly planner app.

If you're looking to plan (and ace 2024), here are a few planner apps to help get you started. 

Google Calendar

We’ve been underestimating the capabilities of Google Calendar for too long now. And it's exactly what we, as a generation, need to give up in 2024. It is one of the most underrated planners to have existed; it can do so much more than you think, right from dropping reminders to tracking your daily to-do list. A few YouTube tutorials should help you navigate the app better. 


A classic to-do list, ‘Todoist’ helps you stay on top of your task list and plan the rest of your week. As a bonus, it allows you to share your tasks with your coworkers and separates your work goals from personal ones. Additionally, its easy-to-use interface gives you an overview of the week as well as helps you prioritise your tasks.


Specially designed for students, ‘Evernote’ helps you jot down your tasks and ideas. If I’m being honest it's what got us through our University days. The app allows you to make meeting notes, lecture notes, build strategies, make to-do lists, schedule tasks, and so much more. At the very least, you might feel a little more put together by the end of the week.

Click up

If working extra hard at work is on your 2024 resolution list, then ‘Click’ up is your way to go. It helps you navigate smartly through your daily activities by giving you a clearer picture while also allowing you to keep track of your goals and achievements. 

Tick Tick 

Along with your tasks and goals, 'Tick Tick,' allows you to keep track of your habits and the progress you've made. It also has an integrated feature of a Pomodoro timer that helps you focus on your work better.