The Brilliant Hair Trick That Cuts Your Shower Time in Half

It's a new era, where you're... dare we say it... on time for things.

21 March, 2018
The Brilliant Hair Trick That Cuts Your Shower Time in Half

As someone who is chronically slow when getting ready for anything, I know how hard it can be to get out the door – particularly on those annoying days when you really need to wash your hair and more dry shampoo just isn't an option. But there are little ways you can speed up the morning prep process, including an amazing trick I recently picked up from ​Jeffrey Jagling at Art + Autonomy Salon in New York City.

The way we've always been taught to wash our hair is to shampoo first and rinse, then condition and rinse, right? Well, what if I told you there's a far simpler method for getting it all done? Behold:

Rather than working shampoo through all of your hair, you can simply apply shampoo to your roots only, then apply conditioner only to your ends. 'Shampoo is intended to cleanse the oil and buildup at the root of your hair, so it can dry out the ends of your hair,' explains Jagling.

Accomplishing these two steps simultaneously gives you cleansed roots, moisturised ends, and an extra 5 minutes in the morning.

In the event that your hair needs a little extra moisture, you can rinse out the first round of shampoo plus conditioner, then apply the latter all over your hair. Let it sit as you lather up the rest of your body and your hair will get totally conditioned from root to tip.