Here's why we think Penelope from Bridgerton is giving major Cosmo Girl vibes in S3!

Dearest gentle reader, we are here to announce that we have officially found our suitress.

Here's why we think Penelope from Bridgerton is giving major Cosmo Girl vibes in S3!

After what felt like a decade-long wait, on a Saturday night, as I lay tucked in my bed, the only light reaching me emanating from my laptop screen, I heard the voice I had been dying to hear: "Dearest gentle reader." Finally, Season Three of Bridgerton, with Penelope aka Lady Whistledown as the leading lady, is streaming. And while only part one is out, fans (Cosmo team included) cannot wait for the second part, especially after the carriage scene.

Truth be told, after a rather steamy season one and a tension-fueled season two, I didn't know what to expect from season three. This sentiment was largely influenced by Colin's obliviousness towards Penelope's feelings throughout. However, two episodes into this season, I realised that this is, in fact, the most realistic (read: best) season so far. 

It goes without saying that the leading lady, aka Penelope, steals the spotlight. She is one of the most captivating characters in the show, and despite her social awkwardness, she manages to shine through with her sharp wit and clever words.

In this season, we see her in a more authentic light. So much so, that it's fitting to declare Penelope Featherington as the quintessential Cosmo girl. And here's why. 

She overcomes her fears

When we first meet Penelope, in season one, during her introduction to the queen, it becomes crystal clear that she feels out-of-place and uncomfortable in that setting. It's as if she wasn’t quite ready to be thrust into society just yet. Of course, much of this is attributed to her fraught relationship with her mother and her sisters. This sentiment isn't just relatable for many, it's something most of us have experienced. Whether it was hiding behind novels by J.K. Rowling or Ruskin Bond to avoid notice in class, or succumbing to external pressures shaping our confidence due to societal expectations, we've all felt that struggle at some point.

In season three, despite everything thrown her way—be it Colin declaring to his friends that he would "never dream of courting Penelope" or her mother's tormenting words—our leading lady rises above it all. She knows what she wants and she's more confident than ever. She transforms her wardrobe to become more appealing, puts in more effort to find herself a husband, and overcomes feelings of undesirability. In short, she rises to the occasion. It's exactly what a Cosmo girl would do—not give up.

She is flawed but she’s real 

The truth about Penelope's character is that she can be petty and mean—after all, she is Lady Whistledown. Being flawed and authentic is what sets her apart and makes her character so compelling. The series creator doesn't shy away from portraying her as imperfect because they understand that imperfection is what ultimately makes someone perfect, and Penelope is no exception. Take for instance her argument with Eloise at the end of season two. Yes, she can be spiteful with her words, but she quickly realises her mistakes and works on them. This aspect sets her apart from countless other characters who are often portrayed as flawless. Penelope allows us to be genuine, make mistakes, and grow from them.

She is a great friend and the biggest cheerleader of love

Throughout the series, there are instances where Penelope is portrayed as burying her head in romance novels, allowing herself to indulge in the experiences of love vicariously. And surely, the sentiment resonates with many of us.

However, Penelope's advocacy for love extends beyond mere escapism through books. Take, for instance, her actions towards Marina in season one. Initially seen as competition to Daphne and a rival to Penelope herself, Marina's plight upon Sir George Crane's death and her being pregnant with his child prompts Penelope to offer her support almost immediately.

Despite her mother's disapproval, Penelope chooses to stand by Marina, demonstrating her fearlessness and unwavering commitment to doing what's right. She eagerly awaits Marina's letters each day and spends time keeping her company, despite her mother's admonitions.

Now, in season three, we witness Penelope embracing her lovelorn yet hopeful self, actively seeking companionship. It's evident that Penelope consistently aligns herself with love and kindness, making her character all the more endearing.

She knows what she wants 

Penelope has an unspoken ambition and a passion for writing that she manages to channel effectively. It's this passion that led her to become Lady Whistledown and start her own newsletter. She finds joy in writing and remains consistent throughout, never giving up on her craft. For aspiring writers, Penelope's dedication and perseverance are sources of inspiration.

Penelope also knows exactly what she desires, which is evident in her quest for a husband and her friendships. In season four, we see her assert her demand for privacy and the freedom to pursue her own interests from her future husband. Much like a Cosmo girl, Penelope is bold and unafraid to voice her desires.

She actively seeks growth

The truth is that growth is the essence of life, and Penelope embodies this belief. In the old English society, unfortunately, the primary goal for a woman was to secure a husband, a reality that Penelope grapples with for two seasons, akin to years. However, she takes a proactive step by seeking guidance from Colin himself on how to improve herself, become more desirable, and actively pursue a husband.

Penelope's willingness to seek help, rise above pettiness, and pursue personal growth and love sets her apart. She fearlessly navigates through societal expectations, demonstrating resilience and a determination to evolve like no other. Much like a Cosmo girl would do. 

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