Homegrown candle brands that are here to light up your Diwali

There is nothing like lighting up your festive season with some candles, and scents. 

22 October, 2022
Homegrown candle brands that are here to light up your Diwali

Yes, fairy lights are the most popular, and convenient, go-to to light up your house for the upcoming festivities. Some of you may even go the old-school route and line rooftops and balconies with diyas, but we can’t help but consider candles this season. And why not! For starters, they are absolutely fuss-free. They last for a really long time if you choose correctly, and they can smell absolutely delicious (who wouldn’t want the calming and sensory explosion of subtle cedar smells, or whatever gets you going). Plus, we don’t have to stop pampering ourselves with them after Diwali week! 

Convinced yet? If not, just reading about these 5 homegrown brands and what they offer might do the trick. 

Dots and Doodles


I recently tried their Savanna scented soy candle and have to admit that this might be my favourite for days I’m in the mulling mood and want nothing more than calmly snuggling into my bed and reading a tale from the old times. The mix of floral tones of neroli with the base scent of cedar hits you right from the word go, and just lighting it in a corner of the room will have your space smelling of the dew-drenched air of the green Savannas. 

Get it for: ₹1,199

Monsoon + Chai


“Oasis de Printemps embraces the joys of a lazy afternoon; whether you’re strolling down Africa Avenue in the March breeze or about to snooze for a siesta at home with a cold drink in hand”—reads the description on this scent of Monsoon + Chai’s signature soy candles. Add to that their notes of jasmine, mandarin, coconut, sandal and we are already sold. 

Get it for: ₹875


Who needs to burn herbs and pray for a great long vacation when a candle could do all the cleansing and calming job you need! Or so we think of Misa’s Seaside Breeze—a blend of sage and seasalt that promises to transport to the ocean shore. These ones are for those days that refuse to go the way we would like them to. 

Get it for: ₹1,090

Artisan Lab


I cannot get over Artisan Lab’s crystal candles—infused with crystals that help channel energy and emotions. I mean, what! These make for excellent meditation candles. And I have to especially talk about the Moonstone Candle¬. This one has the eponymous crystal that is said to channel the moon and La Luna’s powers to move the tides of the oceans and our emotions. Plus it smells beautifully of tea, vetiver, mint, and eucalyptus. 

Get it for: ₹1,990



This one’s a new one on the block, but their Dark Roast—with notes of coffee, mahogany, teakwood, and oud—feels like a perfect day in a wooden cottage in the hills. It smells so good, you can almost picture the snow-peaked mountain tops in front and the misty air blowing through the windows. 

Get it for: ₹990