How to talk about your wins without bragging about it

No one likes a bragger...

29 March, 2024
How to talk about your wins without bragging about it

We've all been there—completed a milestone, crushed a project, aced a presentation. But when it came to talking about it, we hesitated. Some time ago, I had a major win, one that I would have loved to share. Sadly, the fear of coming across as arrogant kept me from talking about it. Because let's be real, no one like a bragger. But that shouldn't stop us from sharing our goals and achievements with other people. After all, we've earned it!

Now if you're anything like me and are wondering how to talk about your wins without coming across as a bragger, here's how to do it.

Read the room

Sharing your wins is fantastic, but how, when, and who you share it with can make all the difference. A coworker stressed about a deadline might not be receptive to your promotion news. But if you still want to share it with them, perhaps wait until they've overcome that tedious deadline. It's okay to delay the celebration! You can be excited on the inside while waiting for a more appropriate moment to celebrate. 

Shift the focus to your efforts

Instead of boasting about your inherent talent, try and highlight the hard work you put in. For example, say something like, "I finally landed that client! It took a lot of research and late nights, but it feels great to see the effort pay off." This shows dedication and could be motivational for those that you're sharing the news with. 

Express gratitude

By expressing gratitude, you deflect attention from yourself and showcase humility. This makes your win more relatable and strengthens your relationships with those who supported you. This way you also contribute to a more positive and collaborative environment. It's a win-win for everyone!

Keep it conversational

Sharing your achievements is great, but remember, it's a two-way street! Don't let your win turn into a narcissistic monologue. Be sure to acknowledge what the others are saying. By keeping it conversational and focusing on shared experiences, you can confidently and honestly share your wins without being a brag.

Stick to the facts 

When talking about your wins, ditch the self-praise. Instead, talk about the facts and focus on what you actually did. Let the results speak for themselves. This way, people will be more likely to see you as confident and accomplished if they can draw their own conclusions based on the details you provide. It's the coolest and the simplest way to show off your wins!

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