I am a girl's girl, of course I put my besties before testes

Long live women supporting women.

08 March, 2024
I am a girl's girl, of course I put my besties before testes

My Roman Empire was the time this girl had my back at a nightclub. It was a Saturday night, and my friends and I snuck into a nightclub. Although none of us had a penchant for partying, on that day, loud music, crowded spaces, and a dimly lit backdrop seemed like a much-needed break after the exhausting week we had.

We were four drinks down, grooving to the beats of Justin Bieber’s ‘Let Me Love You’, when I heard a voice (or at least what I thought I heard), “Do you want to dance with me?” With my head spinning, I decided against it, smiling politely and then skillfully veering in the opposite direction. While I sat down to catch my breath, my friends went to fetch me some water. That’s when a girl walked up to me asking if I was okay. About a minute later, I heard the same voice, a little too close to my shoulder, once again asking if I wanted to dance. Before I could respond, the same girl replied with a “She’s not doing well, actually,” as she led me to her table. 

Now she’s what the internet would call a ‘girl’s girl’. After girl dinner, girl math, and lazy girl, the girl’s girl trend is the new trend that social media users have finally gotten right! Simply put, the girl’s girl trend, as the name suggests, is all about women supporting each other and looking out for one another. The Taylor Swift and Beyoncé moment from the 2009 MTV VMAs is the quintessential girl’s girl moment and a perfect example of the trend. After Swift was interrupted by Kanye West during her acceptance speech, Queen Beyonce called the young pop star back on stage to finish her speech. How cool was that?

While the girl’s girl trend is gaining momentum now (it’s about time!), the notion of women sticking together is far from new. So what changed? 

The internet is finally done with pitting women against each other 

Historically speaking, the entertainment industry has played a significant role in shaping societal perceptions. For years, we’ve had movies subjecting us to narratives that pitted women against each other, portraying friendships as fragile alliances, ready to crumble at the slightest provocation. From workplace dramas to romantic comedies, the underlying theme often seemed to be that a woman’s success came at the expense of another. Classic examples include movies and shows like Mean Girls and Gossip Girl, which thrived on the narrative that women are inherently adversaries, ready to sabotage each other at every turn. 

But in reality, this couldn’t be further away from the truth. In fact, 9 out of 10 times women are more than willing to help out their fellow women—even if they don’t know them—whether it’s offering them a jacket to cover a period stain, helping with lipstick mishaps, or simply looking out for each other in a club. The girl’s girl trend celebrates what should have been celebrated years ago—women uplifting each other for the better.

Movies that celebrated women supporting women

One of the biggest and most influential movies in recent years, Greta Gerwig’s Barbie has played a pivotal role in fueling this trend by presenting narratives that focused on women uplifting one another. The global support for director Greta Gerwig further exemplifies the widespread backing for women in the industry. With these influential factors, the girl’s girl trend signifies a positive shift in societal dynamics, highlighting unity and support among women and becoming a noteworthy aspect of contemporary culture.

It’s making a bigger difference  

A girl’s girl is someone who constantly looks out for others—offering a helping hand, saving a seat at the table, and basically making the world a better (and safer) place to live in. Believing that women deserve opportunities and appreciation is a powerful mindset to have—it’s what the world needs right now. At its core, the trend strives for equality, challenging societal structures that have historically marginalised women. In essence, the girl’s girl trend is like a woman standing above the glass ceiling with an axe, breaking the glass into a million pieces to rescue others. It’s an idea that needs to be celebrated more, especially this Women’s Day.

So, at Cosmo India, we’re calling the shots and dedicating this day to every girl’s girl out there. Long live the girl's girl trend!

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