Indulge in the refreshing flavours of Ditas' newest cocktail menu in Mumbai

It's a midweek escape you wouldn't want to miss!

04 December, 2023
Indulge in the refreshing flavours of Ditas' newest cocktail menu in Mumbai

We’re headed towards the beginning of the holiday season. And you know what that calls for—scrumptious meals, hot chocolate, sweatshirts, cosy blankets, and most importantly, exotic cocktails. Picture this: On a chilly December weekend, your friends and you decide to catch up over clinking glasses of cocktails. Subsequently, hums of conversations, giggles, and laughter fill the air with pure bliss, as if it were an episode of the TV show How I Met Your Mother. Now, add a European aesthetic to this imagination, and there enters Lower Parel, Mumbai’s Ditas restaurant, a place that can make this setting come to life with its brand-new cocktail menu. 

Nestled in the culinary hotspots of Mehrauli in the nation's capital, and now making its mark in Mumbai, Ditas heralds you on a delectable journey, spotlighting their latest offering of exotic cocktails. 

What sets this cocktail menu apart is that every drink is crafted to delight your senses, pairing perfectly well with the ingenious dishes the restaurant offers. 

Here are the key highlights: 

The mixologist’s magic 

Ultimately, it's the magic of a mixologist that can either make or break your drink. That's why Ditas boasts of a squad of exceptionally skilled mixologists who bring the best of global flavours and techniques to the table and whip up a gallery of Instagram-worthy and delicious cocktails.


When it comes to cocktails, every season deserves one in its own name. Ditas ensures that each drink is infused with the finest seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, crafting beverages that are not only flavourful but also refreshingly delightful. So, not only does every beverage narrate a seasonal story, but it also promises a distinct experience to every visitor. It's their commitment to delivering a taste of the best each season has to offer in every well-crafted cocktail.

Signature cocktails 

Delving into the realm of their signature cocktails, these unique beverages stand as a testament to the creativity of the Ditas mixology team. Take, for instance, the extraordinary 'Clarify the Matter,' a vibrant burst of vermouth, gin, basil, tomato juice, and spices. Or if you’re a connoisseur of whisky, you can savour the refined 'Breakfast of Champions,' a harmonious blend of whiskey, cornflakes, and egg whites, promising a tasteful journey for the discerning palate. 

What’s more, is that they’re hosting ‘Mystique Nights’ on Wednesdays that are specially dedicated to launching their new cocktail menu. So, rally your friends and treat yourselves to the captivating European atmosphere while relishing the best in food and beverages.