Sex horoscope for the weekend—find out if the big Os are in store for you

Here's your sexoscope!

Sex horoscope for the weekend—find out if the big Os are in store for you

The weather is beginning to get better, the party season is around the corner and we are all looking forward to some thing. Could orgasms be one of those things this week? 

Jigyasa Chandani, a tarot reader tells us how our sex lives will be this week.


Get ready for a sizzling cosmic collision, Aries! With Mars reigning your sign, get ready for a week full of passion. Your adventurous spirit craves a partner who matches your intensity. Spice it up with unexpected rendezvous and bold moves. Experimentation is your mantra; let your instincts guide you. Sex Tip: Surprise your partner with a spontaneous, intimate adventure. 


Sensual Taurus, your earthly desires reach celestial heights this month. Slow, deliberate moves create an irresistible allure. Dive into the senses, explore, and experiment under the sheets to elevate pleasure. Embrace your sensuality; it's your superpower. Sex Tip: Introduce luxurious fabrics or decadent treats in the bedroom for a tantalising experience.


Your cosmic groove is set to a sexy beat. Communication is your aphrodisiac, so let words flow like poetry. Playful banter fuels desire, creating an intimate connection. Embrace duality in your desires; keep them guessing. Sex Tip: Share your fantasies with your partner and see words turn into a steamy reality.


Intimacy is your playground; explore it with vulnerability. Let your guard down and embrace the raw beauty of shared desires. Home is where the heart (and heat) is. Sex Tip: Create a cosy setup with candles and soft music for an unforgettable night of passion.


Leo, the cosmic spotlight is on you. Confidence is your key and it's time to bask in your sensual energy. Ignite the flames of desire with passionate encounters and fiery expressions of love. Sex Tip: Channel your inner drama, creating a seductive atmosphere that captivates your partner.


Virgo, your meticulous nature extends to the bedroom, where every detail matters. Strive for sensual excellence, and let your partner revel in the art of love. Sex Tip: Take your time with foreplay; it will kickstart your erotic journey.


Libra, find balance in passion and romance. Cultivate an atmosphere of beauty and harmony with love at the core. Keep the spark alive with shared interests and aesthetic pleasures. Sex Tip: Use your charm to introduce new experiences that deepen your connection.


Scorpio, your intensity reaches a fever pitch as desire consumes you. Dive into the depths of intimacy, embracing the shadows and mysteries. Power struggles in love fuel your passion; let the intensity bind you closer. Sex Tip: Explore the realms of dominance and submission, discovering new layers of pleasure.


Break free from routine and embark on a sensual journey. Let your curiosity guide you to uncharted territories of pleasure. Sex Tip: Surprise your partner with a spontaneous getaway or introduce playful games that add a dash of spontaneity.


Capricorn, your disciplined approach extends to passion. Build a foundation of trust and connection. Let your desires simmer, creating a powerful, unspoken bond. Sex Tip: Embrace the power of anticipation.


Aquarius, your eccentric energy brings a touch of the unexpected to love. Embrace your unique desires and celebrate the quirks that make you irresistible. Unconventional encounters fuel the flames of passion. Sex Tip: Introduce new elements into the bedroom, keeping the vibe exciting and unpredictable.


Your dreamy nature takes love to ethereal heights. Dive into the waters of emotion, creating an intimate connection. Merge fantasy with reality for an otherworldly experience. Sex Tip: Explore sensual fantasies together with your partner.