Sex horoscope for the week—get ready to embrace your fiery desires 

Find out how the solar eclipse will affect your sex and love life!

10 October, 2023
Sex horoscope for the week—get ready to embrace your fiery desires 

We are going to see a solar eclipse this week on October 14, which will surely have an impact on your love life. As we head into fall and holiday season, now’s the perfect time for some romance in our lives—they call it cuffing season for a reason!
Ahead, we take a look at how our love and sex lives will look this week! Jigyasa Chandani, a tarot reader, shares the sex horoscope of the week for all 12 zodiac signs. 


Unleash your fiery cravings as you surrender to lust and daring escapades. The solar eclipse might ignite a sensual adventure you won't forget!


If you have recently had your heart broken, it’s time to heal and evolve. Dive into self-discovery, and you will be prepared to ignite thrilling encounters. The eclipse on October 14 may help you find closure and a new beginning!


Exciting hookups and booty calls are awaiting you. But, set boundaries and go by it. Stay independent. The eclipse may highlight the need for freedom in your connections!


It’s important that you strike a balance between passion and emotions. Take time out to understand your desires and navigate the path with self-awareness. The solar eclipse will bring deeper connections!


At this point in time, your confidence may waver and you might not have all the answers, but it is time to embrace the mystery. Seek clarity through introspection. Rediscover your sensual power. The October 14 eclipse might reveal hidden desires.


Free yourself! Embrace passionate encounters and release expectations. Beware of parallel relationships. The solar eclipse might bring clarity to your commitments.


It’s a daring week ahead. Explore your desires with a touch of S&M, that is, if you are into it. Release toxic attachments and embrace pleasure with open arms. Your innermost desires will surface, owing to the eclipse on October 14. 


Sizzle and spice await you this week—think one-night stands. But tread with caution and trust your instincts. It’s important to balance impulse with care, while you unleash your wild side. The eclipse on October 14 will bring with it some mystery to your love life.


Shake off stagnancy and embrace growth in your relationship. Singles can start something mysterious and alluring and let your inner seductress shine. Eclipse might bring unexpected twists in the tale, so keep your eyes peeled.


The eclipse on October 14 might stir up past emotions. Thus, even though reconnecting with old lovers may seem tempting, it’s important to keep it light and remember the past challenges that you faced with the person. Communication is key. Stay wise, Capricons.


Get ready for a hot, hot week. Try new bedroom moves and share your desires with dirty talk. Open up and let your desires soar to new heights. This eclipse may bring intense emotional sparks, so just hang in there.


This week, your passion's going to be on fire! The task is to amp up your love life. You can consider online shopping for sexy stuff, make hot video calls, dive into dating apps, and anything and everything naughty that comes to mind. Get ready for a week of unforgettable sexy adventures. Eclipse on October 14 might intensify your desires.