Sex horoscope for the week—it's time for adventure and passion to take over!

Find out what the stars have in store for your sex life this week! 

29 August, 2023
Sex horoscope for the week—it's time for adventure and passion to take over!

Whether you are unleashing your wild side, getting swept up in sultry daydreams or introducing your partner to new fantasies, this week seems exciting for most people! 

Find out how your sex life will be this week with predictions by tarot reader Jigyasa Chandani!


Aries, get ready for a sizzling adventure! Plan a long drive under starlit skies or a short getaway to an exotic location and be ready to see the sparks fly. Embrace your wild side and unleash the sexting game! Vibrant energy connects souls on a spiritual journey of intimacy.


A celestial joyride awaits you as you indulge in your sexiest daydreams. It’s time to step out of your hermit mode and dive into the exciting unknown. House parties are a good way to meet strangers who can become acquaintances and a lot more, if you give it a chance. 


Shed stagnant skins and embrace the thrilling unknown. Flaunt your playful prowess, Geminis, and leave hearts in awe. Sip some wine, dance, and let inhibitions fade. Indulge in sweet, soulful, sexual adventures with your bae. An alluring stranger awaits you on your travels! 


Your sexual journey takes a dramatic twist as you embrace playful experiments and dive into adventures. Spend time on dating apps and don’t hesitate to explore your quirky desires and unleash wild connections. Let spirituality infuse with passion. Whether you are a saucy trio or a captivating duo, let fun be your guide to unforgettable nights!


Leo, get ready for a sizzling cosmic ride! Your confidence fuels your sexy aura, so own it. Be playful and embrace the unknown. You are brilliant at the art of seduction, so use it to your benefit. Embrace the heat, ignite desires, and let your vibrant energy lead to unforgettable nights.


Get ready, Virgo, as your meticulous nature extends to the bedroom this month. Plan a surprise encounter to fire the flames of passion. Remember that sometimes the most unforgettable moments come from letting go of perfection and embracing spontaneity.


Your charm and grace will be irresistible. It’s time to embrace your playful side and introduce your partner to some new fantasies. Whether it's role-playing or a surprise weekend getaway, the stars encourage you to indulge in your sensual desires.


Intensity defines your passion. This month, open up about your deepest desires to your partner and watch the fireworks. Allow your vulnerability to heighten the connection for an unforgettable encounter. PS: A mysterious, candlelit setting will set the mood perfectly.


This month is all about trying new things in the bedroom. Surprise your partner with a spontaneous rendezvous or experiment with a little sexual massage. Let your free spirit guide you to explore uncharted territories of pleasure.


Capricorn, your determination translates to the bedroom as you take charge. Don’t hesitate to express your desires openly and confidently. A steamy night in, complete with sensuous surprises, will leave your partner craving more. Remember, confidence is the ultimate aphrodisiac.


Spice things up by introducing new gadgets like sex toys or sex games into the bedroom. Your open-mindedness leads to exciting experiments that leave both you and your partner completely captivated.


Pisces, it’s time for your intuition to shine. Tune into your partner's unspoken needs and desires; there’s no connection a night of slow, sexual exploration cannot deepen. Don't be afraid to let your fantasies run wild, as you create a world of pleasure together.