Sex horoscope for the week—it's time to tune into your inner desires

Find out what your love and sex horoscope for the week says! 

03 October, 2023
Sex horoscope for the week—it's time to tune into your inner desires

We are in the last quarter of the year, which is going to full of festive times and holidays. During this time, many of us will feel the need to have a partner or at least, a little romance in our lives. Many of us will also start questioning the future of our existing relationships. As we stand at the onset of an important period, let’s take a look at how our love and sex lives will look this week! 

Jigyasa Chandani, a tarot reader, shares the sex horoscope of the week for all 12 zodiac signs. 


Dive into your adventurous spirit and let your passion steer the ship. You might have an unexpected encounter that may leave you yearning for more. Take the leap, embrace the uncharted waters, and ignite the flames of desire.


Sensual vibes envelop you, Taurus. Take it slow and savour the journey in matters of the heart. Create a cosy haven and let your senses be your guide. Your patience will be rewarded with an unforgettable connection that's worth the wait.


Curiosity fuels your desires this week. Engage in playful and tantalising conversations that lead to exciting rendezvous. Keep your mind open and let your heart flutter with excitement. Delve into the mysteries of intimacy and dance through the realms of fantasy.


Your intuition becomes your trusty guide in the realm of pleasure. Tune into your inner desires and let intimacy flourish. As emotional bonds deepen, the magic of the moment intensifies. Allow vulnerability to be the key to profound sexual satisfaction.


Embrace your wild side and let your charisma shine like a supernova. Your passion will draw admirers closer. So, let loose and enjoy a week of vibrant, electrifying connections.


In your world, precision meets sensuality. Pay attention to the smallest details; they fuel the fires of attraction. A thoughtful approach sets the stage for trust and excitement. Nurture your body and soul for a truly fulfilling experience that's practically perfect in every way.


Harmony remains your aim, Libra, even in your intimate connections. Seek equilibrium between giving and receiving pleasure. Set the stage with scented candles and cosy vibes, inviting both physical and emotional exploration. Let your inner artist paint a masterpiece of passion with a flourish.


Intensity knows no bounds this week, Scorpio. Dive deeper and see a magnetic encounter lead to an electrifying connection that leaves you consumed by the flames of passion.


Embrace spontaneity and take a daring leap into the uncharted territories of passion. Your enthusiasm is infectious, drawing kindred spirits closer for thrilling escapades. Unleash your inner fire and revel in a week filled with passionate adventures.


Patience is your virtue, Capricorn. In matters of intimacy, the slow and steady approach truly wins the race. Cultivate trust and vulnerability with your partner, and lay the groundwork for satisfying and enduring connections that will stand the test of time.


Unconventional desires awaken, Aquarius. Embrace your uniqueness and give free rein to your wildest fantasies. An unexpected twist in your love life could leave you exhilarated. Break free from norms and let your avant-garde spirit lead the way on your sensual journey.


Dive deep into a sea of emotions, Pisces. Your intuitive nature guides you to profound connections. Let your imagination soar as you embrace the enchantment of vulnerability. A dreamy encounter might lead to a soul-stirring connection, taking you to uncharted emotional depths.