Sex horoscope for the weekend—end the month with more intimacy!

Find out what the stars have in store for you in the sex department!

24 March, 2023
Sex horoscope for the weekend—end the month with more intimacy!

This weekend, many zodiac signs are focusing on love and relationships while seeking more closeness with their partners or romantic interests. A few zodiac signs are taking it slow and recovering from previous experiences. A few are out there riling their sex life up and enjoying all the casual hookups they can get. 

It’s not gonna be the same for everyone. How’s it gonna be for you? Read your sex horoscope below to find out!


In the recent past, you’ve been into keeping things rather casual. You know, seeing where it goes, meeting your matches and lighting your bedroom up with some crazy passion. But lately, you feel like you need a break from all that and want something long-term. If you’re already committed, you’re wondering what’s next, not just in your list of ‘sex positions to try’ but in life! If you’re single AF, now is the time to re-evaluate how you’re meeting people. 


This weekend is going to be a mix of romance and passion as you are in the mood to unwind with your bae. Whether you are in a long-term relationship or just dating people, expect a sweet date followed by some affectionate sex and cuddles that lead to more sex! You’re going to be trying out a lot of intimate sex positions such as the Lotus.


You’ve been horny AF in the past few days as Mars, the planet of horniness was in your sign and now that it’s leaving you and your hormones behind, you can finally give it a rest. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing as the more relationship-y parts of your connection with your cutie will take precedence over coitus! 


While Mars has exited Gemini, it’s now in your sign and making you crave some action and MORE! You’re ready to be adventurous in bed and want sex to be the kind that leaves you breathless and yet wanting more. You will return to slow sweet sex but not this weekend. This weekend, you take charge and get your big Os!


Your sex life is clouded by the remnants of your past that you still need to heal from. You were having a lot of fun until the realisation hit you that there are things you need to deal with. So until then, you’ve put your sex life on hold so you can come out feeling ready to take on someone’s world…or bed! 


You’re in your go-getter phase, Virgo, as you take your crush to the next level. Be confident and just ask them out. You may end up going on an interesting date or even end up in a casual hookup. If you’re already in a relationship, you’re taking it to the next level as you feel emotionally and physically closer to them! You will spend a lot of time in bed with bae, just talking about everything and nothing, between several rounds of bangin’! 


You’ve been going around with someone you share great chemistry with—and now you want to actually label your connection. If you’re already boo’ed up, you will feel closer to them this weekend. Your partner may feel surprised by your growing feelings and will appreciate it, which may lead to you making some sweet love! 


You have all the intention of allowing some activity to happen in your love/sex life this weekend. You are up for almost anything, be it kissing on the beach or sexing it up under the sheets. You’re ready to show your vulnerable and horny side to your love interest and it’s only getting better from there. 


Your sex life is going to slow down this weekend, as you seek things that go beyond physical pleasures. This doesn’t mean you will have a completely dry time; if you have a boo, you will be interested in sexing it up as long as they are offering you intimacy and commitment. 


While many signs are seeking commitment this weekend, you are going to be having all the casual fun! And then the intimacy bug will bite you as well. So have fun and make it spicy as long as you are letting your hair down! 


You may form a new connection or go on a cute AF date with your bae, but there is only one thing holding you back. That is your need to park yourself on your bed throughout the weekend. You are feeling so lazy to go out that you may end up missing out on all the action you can get. Take a shower, put on your sexy outfit and step out before regrets start piling up!


You’re enjoying the attention of those around you as there are several potential mates who are fanning your ego rn. You are flirting and it’s making you feel even sexier. You’re likely to take things to the next level with someone you’ve been exchanging naughty texts with—and finally, do it!