Sex horoscope for the weekend—end the month with some adventure!

Find out what this weekend looks like for your sex life.

29 April, 2023
Sex horoscope for the weekend—end the month with some adventure!

It's the last weekend of April, and we are right in the middle of mercury retrograde but this shouldn't stop you from living your best sex life! While Taurus and Cancer are going out of their comfort zone, Virgos will have to push themselves a little to explore more. Aquarians are in for some carefree fun too! 

Find out what this weekend looks like for your sex life, according to your zodiac sign, with predictions by tarot reader Jigyasa Chandani. 


It seems like you're feeling bored in bed and in need of some excitement. Don't stick to the routine, try something new and wild. If you're tired of traditional, sweet lovemaking, take charge and explore some more passionate options. You never know, the right match could be just a swipe away.


You find yourself in an interesting love triangle, but you're unsure of which way to go. However, some admirers around you are eager to explore new experiences with you. This weekend, you may find the opportunity to experiment with threesomes or try something completely different.


You may connect with a long-distance lover and engage in some steamy conversations. You might also discover some intriguing profiles online that introduce you to a whole new world of sexting. Don't shy away from the possibility of one wild night of dirty talk. Let your imagination run wild.


You're seeking pleasure in pain and have a strong desire for S&M. You may want to explore being blindfolded or handcuffed. You're ready to shed your old self and embrace a wilder, untamed version of yourself.


You're seeking physical intimacy without the emotional attachment. You're tired of carrying around baggage and are looking for an arrangement that has no strings attached. You will find the perfect partner who can satisfy you without any emotional drama.


You're hesitant to try anything new in your sex life because you're afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Have a conversation with your partner about your feelings and take action toward your sexy plans. Don't let any doubts hold you back from exploring.


Your love life is about to become a movie-worthy romance! You'll meet someone popular who sweeps you off your feet and takes you to bed. You'll feel like royalty and this could be the best experience of your life.


You'll have a low-key affair with your partner but with high-voltage passion. You may take a trip out of town or have a cosy staycation with lots of cuddles and steamy moments. You'll feel a deep connection with your partner and sparks will fly under the sheets.


You have high expectations for your love life and won't settle for less. You'll communicate your needs to your partner, and if they don't meet your standards, you won't wait around. You deserve the best and won't compromise.


You may be going through heartbreak, but that won't stop you from being the goddess you are. You may find a hot rebound who helps you forget about your ex. Do not miss any opportunities to move forward and leave the past behind.


You'll meet someone while travelling who's younger and more carefree than you. They'll show you a good time and introduce you to new adventures and make-out sessions. Embrace the spontaneity and let loose.


You'll find a spiritual connection in a sexual relationship. You're seeking a strong attachment and intense desire, and it's coming your way soon. Stay open and receptive to experience the most powerful sexual fantasy of your lifetime.