Sex horoscope for the weekend—find out what the stars say!

Make it hot in your sex life too!

Sex horoscope for the weekend—find out what the stars say!

The temperatures are soaring and it's time to bring some of that heat to your sex life as well. Read all about how your weekend will be. Will you get big orgasms? Will that date turn out to be a hottie in bed or one that makes you zzz? 

Tarot reader Jigyasa Chandani has the answers for you. 


Aries, get out of your house and meet your friends because you never know who you'll bump into. You might encounter someone who will make your knees tremble with pleasure, perhaps an acquaintance of your friend at a party.


You're running away from the perfect opportunity to have the best night of your life. Everything is being served to you on a platter, but you're choosing to ignore the person who can give you an unforgettable experience.


There's a new fish in the sea for you! It's time to explore your desires with this newbie and venture into different realms of pleasure. Overcome your confusion and give it a try; you won't know until you do!


Cancel the notion that all your potential love interests on dating apps are right for you. Swipe right wisely, as not all of them will be a good fit. Choose carefully when deciding to go on a date and engage in intimate encounters.


Not much is happening in your sex life because you're not allowing it. Don't just sit in your blanket and wallow; get out and embrace your Diva self. You'll attract a lot of people and may experience the best sex of your life.


Don't wait for things to happen; make them happen. Initiate a conversation with your partner about your sexual desires. Your emotional connection will lead to a deeply spiritual and fulfilling sexual encounter.


Don't compromise your desires in the name of love. This supposed love is holding you back, and you're aware of it. Free yourself by communicating with your partner. If you're not happy and your needs aren't met, they won't be either. Speak up and ask them to step up or step aside!


You've been silent about your needs, but it's time to communicate with your partner. Keeping them in the dark won't benefit either of you. Shower them with passionate and intense love before it's too late and they're gone.


Finally, you're prioritising your interests and putting in the effort. Your DMs are filled with potential love interests who are eager to connect with you. Be selective and maintain your high standards. Good things are coming your way.


Be cautious and avoid regrettable decisions. You might receive offers to explore new experiences like a threesome but don't rush into a choice you may later regret. Stay mindful and avoid potential disappointments.


Prepare for a passionate weekend ahead! Consider going on a staycation and enjoying a cosy hotel room with satin sheets, champagne, and strawberries. It's a romantic weekend filled with tender affection for you.


You may reignite a connection that you recently walked away from. Reconciliation is possible, accompanied by intense and passionate lovemaking and sweet whispered words. This weekend holds beauty and pleasure for you, Pisces!