Sex horoscope for the weekend—it's time to get some good orgasms!

Read your sex horoscope for the weekend. 

Sex horoscope for the weekend—it's time to get some good orgasms!

How will this weekend be for you? Will it be wild and passionate? or sex will be off the table? 

Tarot reader Jigyasa Chandani has penned down sex horoscopes for this weekend. Read on.


You may find yourself exploring new aspects of your sexuality and considering threesomes or other adventurous activities in the bedroom. Embrace your desires and communicate openly with your partners, as they may surprise you.


Your love life will be filled with romance, resembling scenes from a delightful rom-com movie. You will engage in tender and passionate lovemaking, showered with affection and pleasure. Additionally, a new person may enter your love life.


Your love life will be like a captivating mystery novel, full of twists and turns. Take your time to unravel the intrigue and consider exploring new connections to satisfy your desires. You may discover a new side of yourself along the way.


Your emotions are influencing your approach to sex, and it's preventing you from fully enjoying new experiences. Embrace the fresh energies in your life and allow them to introduce you to new realms of pleasure.


Consider planning a passionate and intimate staycation with your partner, where the focus is on indulging in each other. Dive into passionate encounters and create unforgettable moments together.


While you tend to be cautious in matters of love, allowing yourself to be more open can lead to dramatic changes in both your love and sex life. Don't be afraid to ignite a spark and embrace new experiences.


Avoid letting your emotions complicate your otherwise smooth sex life. If you find yourself catching feelings, have an open conversation with your partner to resolve any potential conflicts and maintain the "no strings attached" situation.


You're feeling adventurous and eager to experiment with your partner. Don't hesitate to explore sexy fantasies, such as using handcuffs and other kinky accessories. Spice things up and embark on a new sexual journey.


You have a desire to delve deeper into your kinky side. Whether it's exploring multiple partners or introducing new elements like handcuffs, embrace your fiery nature and indulge in what brings you pleasure.


Stop trying too hard and simply be yourself, as your natural charm will captivate others. You're feeling naughty and ready to explore passionate encounters. Be open to meeting new people and creating exciting memories.


You're cautious about allowing people into your life, including your sex life, and maintaining high standards. It's important to prioritise your boundaries and ensure that anyone you invite in, respects and aligns with them.


Seeking external validation can be self-sabotaging. Embrace your inner goddess and recognize your self-worth. By letting go of self-doubt, you open yourself up to experiencing the best moments of your life, including your sex life.