Sex positions for women who love being submissive in bed

Love being taken charge of? These sex positions will bring a storm between your legs!

28 August, 2023
Sex positions for women who love being submissive in bed

I am someone who guards herself with perforated walls, so there is a certain amount of letting people in, but not completely. Only the ones who are absolutely close to me, will see my truly vulnerable and a little (okay, a lot!) crazy side. But isn’t it immensely freeing and relaxing to have your walls down? This is where intimacy is born and continues to exist and grow. When it comes to our romantic relationships, what can be a show of this liberating vulnerability than feeling safe enough to wholly submit yourself to sexual experiences with your partner? And there are several sex positions that help you rock submissive sex!

Having submissive sex involves a lot of trust, comfort, and feeling safe with your dominant partner. In submissive sex, you are letting go of control consensually, of course. You may, sometimes, not know what to anticipate next. You may feel immense pleasure just by letting yourself go. When you’re submitting to your partner, in the true sense, you’re submitting to your body’s desires and letting your mind bring to you the most amazing orgasm. 

If you love being submissive in bed (because it can be so so so hot!), try these sex positions to feel a wave of sensory bliss take over your bod!

Doggy style 

Doggy style sex position

This sex position is one of the most popular ones, and people love it for the rawness it brings to the table, sometimes, quite literally. As a submissive partner, you will be down on your fours while the dominant partner enters you from behind. In this sex position, your partner is completely in control of the thrusting. They can make it spicier by holding your hips and spanking you while doing so. 

Flat X

Flat X sex position


If you feel safe enough with your partner, you can completely give them the steering wheel by letting them tie your hands and legs in a way your body makes an ‘X’ while you lie down on your back. They can then go on to explore your body with their hands and mouth, caressing you and planting kisses on all your pleasure points. They can stimulate your clit and make you experience crazy orgasms, and with your hands tied, it pushes you to let them continue beyond the point that makes you wanna scream, “Stop”! It’s beyond this where the most beautiful orgasms happen! You can also have penetrative sex in this position. 


Missionary sex position

You will have many people tell you that it is as vanilla as it is classic, but there’s so much more to this sex position than what meets the eye. Let your partner be on top while you lie down on the bed (or wherever you want). You can place your legs on your partner’s shoulders to add a little roughness to missionary. Even in a classic missionary position, you can add some dirty dom-sub talk to the mix by holding them close and whispering naughty nothings in their ears.

The armlock 

Armlock sex position

If you love doggy style, this will bring a tsunami in your vajayjay! You get on your knees, and instead of placing your elbows on the bed, you rest your shoulders on it with your face turned sideways. Your partner puts you in an armlock and enters you from behind. It’s rough, wild, and an absolute delight for someone who loves submissive sex! 

Bridge pose 

bridge pose sex position

Mix it up with some bondage! Lie down on your back, lift your hips and let your boo tie your hands behind your back. They can hold your butt and do nasty delicious things to it while you wrap your legs around their waist. Let them enter you while in this position for some rough sex! 

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