Sex Queen Says: Your most pressing questions about fluid bonding, orgasms and bl**jobs answered

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16 July, 2023
Sex Queen Says: Your most pressing questions about fluid bonding, orgasms and bl**jobs answered

When faced with pressing questions, it's not uncommon to second-guess whether seeking advice from our friends is a wise idea. We all have those friends who, while being great individuals, tend to be highly judgmental. Their well-intentioned feedback might be clouded by their personal biases or preconceived notions, leaving us hesitant to open up to them. Additionally, there are friends who exude an abundance of confidence, but their advice often seems to miss the mark, leading us to question their decision-making skills. 

However, there are instances where we yearn for a different perspective altogether—a trustworthy confidant who can offer a much-needed reality check. We seek someone like an older sister or a best friend who knows us deeply, understands our complexities, and isn't afraid to be honest with us, even if it means bursting our bubble. Someone who can provide candid insights, grounded in wisdom and experience, helping us navigate the intricacies of life's dilemmas.

In this quest for guidance and relatable advice, Cosmopolitan India's Sex Queen emerges as a remarkable source of support and wisdom. Through the platform, readers can delve into a compilation of questions sent in by people from various walks of life, seeking answers to their own burning queries. 

By immersing oneself in the questions and answers, you may find solace in the realisation that you are not alone in their thoughts, concerns, or curiosities. Read away...

My partner and I are interested in the concept of fluid bonding, as in I want him to come inside me. We want to try it but we’re afraid of pregnancy. What should we do? 

Hi, daredevils. Fluid bonding can be an intimacy-boosting experience for many, as couples stop investing in barrier methods of contraception and indulge in fluid exchange. However, as spiritually bonding as it can be for some, it comes with its own share of risks, such as pregnancy and STDs. Since you’re worried about pregnancy, I would suggest also taking a little bit of stress about STDs. Get yourselves tested before going all raw with each other. 
Coming to the pregnancy thing, you can look at non-barrier methods of birth control such as contraceptive pills, intrauterine devices, etc. These are very effective, generally speaking. Get an appointment with your gynaecologist for help with choosing the best non-barrier birth control for you. 

I have been faking orgasms because my boyfriend doesn’t seem to get it right. Should I break it to him? How do I do it without killing his self-confidence? 

Don’t you realise it’s a vicious cycle that will leave you parched forever? If you don’t tell him that he is getting it wrong, he will continue to do it that way, assuming that’s how you orgasm. And you will have to keep up with this act until your bedroom is reeking of resentment. Never, ever fake an orgasm. So yes, please do tell him!

Any person who doesn’t have an inflated ego and cares about their partner’s pleasure will want to learn how to please them. So consider this a test. You don’t have to let him know you were faking it all this while. You can just show him what to do instead. For instance, say, “Can you touch my clit in a circular motion? I really like it.” 

I want to go down on my partner but I have sensitive gag reflexes. Any tips? 

Sensitive gag reflexes are the enemy of a good bl**job. However, you can use a few techniques to give him one, without feeling like your last meal will come out of your system! Instead of putting it towards your throat, tilt it towards the inside of your cheek. It will feel the same for him. You can also give him extra pleasure by holding it at the base with your hands, as you focus on the head. Lastly, breathe, take it slow and make sure he keeps it clean!

PS: We do not offer medical advice and it shouldn't be treated like one. 

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