These zodiac signs are usually the luckiest in love and in relationships

Is your sign on this list? 

21 September, 2023
These zodiac signs are usually the luckiest in love and in relationships

If you built your ideals of love based on what you saw in sappy rom-coms, I feel you. By the time you realise that relationships in real life are nothing like those shown on the screen, it’s too late. However, if you find it tougher than most to find and sustain love, you should blame it on your zodiac sign. 

To some signs like Aquarius or Taurus, love comes naturally, while the rest of us have to work hard consistently and the possibility of a relationship blowing up in our faces is much higher. However, we’ve made a list of the signs that are extremely lucky in love. They attract the kinds of people they want and don’t find it difficult to be in relationships. Is yours on it? 


Pisces fall in love very easily. They wear their heart on their sleeves and don’t think twice before professing their love or going out of their way. They help their partners grow and communicate well to ensure the relationship remains healthy, and this makes them very lucky in love!  



If you’re looking for a romance that resembles a rom-com, a Cancerian will definitely be a part of that. They are generally looking for a partner who feels like home but is also full of passion and intensity. They have a very old-school view of love that translates into long-term, meaningful relationships. 


Virgos aren’t exactly the most easygoing of the lot, especially when it comes to relationships. They have very high standards and don’t let just anyone close to them. However, it’s these traits that ensure they find suitable mates and are luckier in love than their Zodiac counterparts.  



Taurians don’t waste time in casual short-term relationships. They are generally in it for the long haul. While they are usually lucky in love (when they fall, they fall hard), they don’t risk winding up with a broken heart. So, they take their own sweet time to ensure the person is worth investing in. Taurians are known for their patience and thoughtfulness, which helps them attract partners who have the same qualities. 


Okay, we will agree that Aquarians aren’t the best in romance. They aren’t particularly expressive and making big gestures doesn’t come naturally to them. However, they make their partner feel special with small and thoughtful gestures. Dating an Aquarius is like dating your best friend; you don’t have to think twice before being your goofy self around them and you can trust them with your deepest, darkest secrets. They are usually lucky in love and won’t break your heart.