TikTok’s newest trend 'You Look Happier, What Happened?' will totally melt your heart

Here’s all you need to know.

21 November, 2023
TikTok’s newest trend 'You Look Happier, What Happened?' will totally melt your heart

In the vast realm of social media where new trends—ranging from empowerment and entertainment, to wholesomeness and toxicity—emerge almost every week, TikTok brings us yet another trend: ‘You Look Happier, What Happened?’. This heartwarming trend is one of the positive couples' trends on the internet, which will make you go 'aww'. Let’s find out why it’s spreading smiles across the virtual world.


What is this trend?

‘You Look Happier, What Happened?’ trend is all about people in relationships giving their partners credit for their happiness. In this trend, individuals are putting up a picture of themselves where they genuinely look very happy and content, with a caption stating ‘You Look Happier, What Happened?’ In the next frame, they reveal the reason behind their happiness, that is, a picture of their partner or a cute picture of them together. The beautiful Daylight song by David Kushner in the background makes it more meaningful, elevating the emotions. In fact, Kushner started this trend by posting demo snippets before the release of his song, and it instantly went viral on TikTok and gained popularity worldwide. This snippet was used by over two million people and has an overall 146.5M views. 

As couples posted their version of this trend on TikTok, users quickly embraced it and totally hyped them with heartwarming comments such as “this is the cutest thing ever”, and “l just know he’s treating you like a princess! You go girl!” and so on. As the trend gained momentum, more couples joined in and it almost became the celebration of love and connections through this wholesome content. 

While couples hopped on the trend and shared adorable pictures, a spectrum of emotions unfolded. Many people experienced major FOMO after seeing all these cute videos. One TikToker wrote, “This makes me miss him”, while singles even expressed their desire to recreate this trend by saying, “I’m still waiting for the day I can do this trend”. Another user commented, “I think I would die if someone posted this for me”. 

Some individuals embraced this trend with a lighthearted twist by playfully posting their solo pictures followed by shots featuring their favourite fictional characters, celebrities, beloved pets, tempting food items and even closest friends. Beyond the romantic focus, some even addressed the self-love aspect and conveyed a beautiful message through this trend, showcasing that creativity knows no bounds. It’s truly commendable to witness the diverse ways individuals choose to express themselves through this trend.

It’s so fascinating that trends like these have the ability to bring a smile to faces, regardless of one’s relationship status. It’s interesting how, even when the featured couple is not known to you, the warmth of their love resonates with you. As one user rightly said, “I love seeing people in love”. This trend perfectly encapsulates the feeling of happiness and contentment as couples celebrate love, and stands out as one of the most wholesome GenZ trends, reminding us that love is truly a unifying force that binds us all together.