Try these low-effort sex positions when you're feeling lazy but want to have some fun

The solution to climaxing without expending too much energy.

16 June, 2024
Try these low-effort sex positions when you're feeling lazy but want to have some fun

If you’re thinking about spicing up your sex life, you’re probably thinking about new things to try. Your mind is probably racing about keeping your partner up all night (this is more of a movie fantasy, just FYI) and contorting your body to get into new and wilder positions. And while all this is very exciting, answer this: Is this what you want to do on a Tuesday night after you’ve had an exhausting day at work? If your answer is no because it seems like a lot of work when you’re already tired, you’ve landed on the right page. 

But just because you don’t have the energy or will for a move-the-bed sex round (pardon our exaggeration), that doesn’t mean you can’t be intimate with your partner at all. Below, we’ve listed a few low-effort sex positions that were seemingly formulated with this very intention. Take your pick and try it out the next time you want to end your day with a big O but don’t want to expend too much energy to get there; you won’t regret it. 

Side-by-side spooning

If you’re in the mood for a little midnight nookie after a long day, the side-by-side spooning position might be the right choice for the mood. It’s intimate, cosy, and requires the bare minimum effort. Sounds like a win-win. To get into this position, you and your partner need to lie down on your sides facing the same direction. The penetrating partner then enters the receiver from behind. This position also offers complete access to the major erogenous zones. So, while they thrust slow and deep they can also play with your clitoris or breasts. 

Classic missionary 

Ah, reliable missionary. A lot of people consider this position to be quite vanilla, but the truth is, missionary is a classic for a reason. It’s emotionally engaging, and the penetrating partner completely controls the depth and speed. So, if you’re looking for a lazy roll in the sack, they can go as slow and deep as you want. The bottom line is that just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it can’t leave you feeling oh-so-organically good. 

Besides, missionary is one of the most versatile positions. You could throw in a toy and strategically place a pillow underneath. And if mid-session you want to amp it up, you could always place your legs over your partner’s shoulders. 

How to do it? You probably already know. Have the receiving partner lie down on their back while the penetrating partner gets on top, facing them. 

Broken eagle 

As you might’ve guessed from the name, the broken eagle is a variation of the eagle position. To do it, the receiving partner lies on their front with one leg straight and one leg bent. The penetrating partner then enters from behind. This low-effort position allows the receiving partner to control the depth of penetration (considering one leg is bent) and what it lacks in access more than makes up for with the possibility of a G-spot orgasm. 


A celebrity in the intimate-yet-non-demanding positions category, the lotus is worth adding to your sex repertoire. What makes it great for lazy sex is that you can’t move around much. It’s more of a deep, slow grind, which can be extremely pleasurable, not to mention intimate. To get into position, have the penetrating partner sit up while leaning against the wall or headrest with their legs outstretched while the receiver lowers themselves onto their penis (or dildo) facing them. 

The flatiron 

For all the times you want the pleasure of doggy but you’re too tired to put in all the work, the flatiron is your low-effort substitute. Here, the receiving partner lies on their stomach (as opposed to kneeling or on their forearms like in doggy) while the penetrating partner enters them from behind. This allows for deep penetration and toe-curling G-spot orgasms without all the wild thrusting.

Feature image: Pexels 

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