What is stack dating and should you be doing it?

If multi-tasking is your thing, then this dating trend might be for you.

30 October, 2023
What is stack dating and should you be doing it?

Remember movie scenes where the lead spends a considerable amount of time dolling up for a date? From the difficult task of deciding what to wear to getting the hair and make-up right, most of us want to look perfect on dates. But as it turns out, Gen Z is done spending hours getting ready and going through the whole process of making a first date this big thing in your schedule that you have to prepare, both physically and mentally, for. A low-stake, low-pressure dating situation that fits into their daily life is what appeals to them instead. They are finding out that when you take off the whole pressure of looking and acting perfect on your first date and treat it like any other thing on their to-do list, they can show up more authentically, leading to more genuine connections. 

Ahead, discover more about the dating trend. 

What exactly is stack dating?

Stack dating, which is also called errand dating, is all about fitting dates into your daily schedule, kind of like how you would find time between your routine to catch up with friends, grab a quick coffee, or run errands—hence the name. It could mean meeting your date during work hour breaks or even before you go on another date! This is where the term stack dating comes from—stacking dates one after another. So sometimes, you could even be having multiple dates in a row. 

How is stack dating good for your love life?

It keeps things real 

Since it’s likely you’re not going to get too dressed up or prepared for your date, given it might be during a work break or could be sandwiched between two errands, the person you’re meeting gets to see a more authentic version of you. Think work attire sans frills, gym wear or casual clothing, which is how they’d see you most of the time anyway when you two get together in a relationship.

The stakes are low

Since you’re going out on multiple dates with many potential partners, the stakes are low. You won’t be disappointed if things don’t go your way since you wouldn’t have invested much time or effort into the person. Plus, this way you can also compare your dates to see who you’re most compatible with. 

It gives you an option to opt out

Most of us have had a bad date experience, at least once in our life, where we wished we could come up with a believable excuse and leave. With stack dating, this is easier. Since you’re not meeting for an elaborate meal where the duration of the date is ambiguous, you can always say you have to get back to work or have plans. 

How to get the most out of stack dating

Yes, it’s a convenient, casual form of dating, but that doesn’t mean you don’t give your date the attention they deserve. Even if you’re meeting in between work or before another date, make sure you still take the interaction seriously and give all your energy, so your date feels like you respect their time and effort as well.

Finally, since the whole point of stack dating is to keep it completely real, it will work for you as long as you show up as your most authentic self and not an idealised version of yourself. So be genuine, and see where the date takes you!