What is the butterfly sex position and how you can master it

Deep penetration and intimacy? Yes, please!

01 April, 2024
What is the butterfly sex position and how you can master it

There are two kinds of people in this world—the first, who have a sexy-time routine with their partner learnt by heart and the second, who believe that experimentation and spontaneity are the keys to having a thrilling sexperience. Here’s the thing though, there is a middle ground. And that belongs to people who can perform their beloved routine like its muscle memory but also want to switch things up sometimes slightly. So, people who exist in this grey area, here's a position that has practically been created for you—The Butterfly. 

The beauty of the butterfly position lies in its versatility. It is easy to do and yet will get your toes curling just the way you like it. While it may look and sound complicated, in reality, you can think of this position as missionary’s second (steamier) cousin. And don’t worry, you don’t have to be a gymnastics champion to pull this off. 

How do you nail the butterfly?  

Getting into this position is easy. The receiver lies on their back on a sturdy platform (for example—a higher bed, table, kitchen counter, etc.) while the giver stands to penetrate. The receiver then lifts their legs so that their legs are resting on the giver’s shoulders. This position gets its name due to the butterfly-esque shape that is created when two people are doing it. The giver gets full access to thrust and the sexiest view of their partner’s body. They could also throw in a little clit and nipple action to turn the heat up. It’s minimal effort that leads to a big, big O. What more could anyone want?  

However, while this position is everything you could want it to be, there are a few things to keep in mind before you run off to try it out. The first—find a platform that is the right height so that the giver is not standing on their tippy toes which could be uncomfortable, to say the least. And second—pick an elevated surface that is made of a sturdy and smooth material. 

Benefits of the butterfly position and tips to make it better

Deep penetration  

This position is brilliant for some deep penetration that stimulates the G-spot and leads to some jaw-dropping orgasms. And if you want to take this sensation up a notch, you try the criss-cross method. The receiver rests their left leg on their partner’s right shoulder and their right leg on the left shoulder. This creates a tighter feel for the giver, doubling the pleasure the receiver gets with each thrust. 

You can play with angles and intensity  

The butterfly can be customised to suit your liking. It can be used for a rough and hard pounding or some slow and intense penetration. It's also versatile enough for you to include some BDSM techniques like the giver could restrain the receiver's hands, engage in some dirty talk or throw some toys into the mix. The giver could also tease the receiver with some oral pleasure between thrusts. These variations (if you’re into it and both partners consent) can take the experience to a whole new level and turn a good orgasm into one for the ages. 

However, if none of this sounds like fun, the giver can also adjust the angle to have more control over depth and intensity. The receiver could prop a pillow under their hips to make things more comfortable and heighten the sensations.  

It’s minimal effort   

Just like in missionary, the receiver doesn’t have to do much. They can just lie back and enjoy the show since their back is well supported and their legs are resting on their partner’s shoulders. It’s minimal effort for the maximum result. And you know what, sometimes it’s okay. Sex doesn’t have to be a riot for it to be hot and steamy.  

But of course, for the giver, it’s quite the cardio workout. 

It’s intimate 

Unlike doggy, reverse cowgirl, or some other deep penetration positions, the butterfly allows for intimacy and eye contact. It’s the ultimate position for couples who are looking to connect and yet have a wet and wild time. 

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