Why only couples, now singles are wearing a special ring, too!

The move that flaunts singledom upfront, it may just push people away from dating apps.

28 March, 2023
Why only couples, now singles are wearing a special ring, too!

We’re all too familiar with the idea of an engagement ring—the stunning piece of solitaire that is flaunted (and rightfully so) by newly-engaged couples. They denote they’re ‘taken’ and each other and the world to know how much that means. The ring also made singles feel… well… singled out. But what if we told you they may no longer feel that way? A trend that has recently taken the world by storm, ushers in a ‘ring for singles’ to announce and show off their singledom. As of Sunday evening, this fad (from a newly-announced social experiment) has grabbed attention. It aims to remove the need for all dating apps. How you ask? Here’s how the cookie crumbled…

Pear, a brand backed by the Canadian e-commerce company Shopify, launched what they call an alternative to engagement rings—a ring for singles. The light-blue rings are meant to be worn by singles across the world, on any finger they like. The idea to it is clear: It enables people to easily identify that they are single and enable newer connections beyond the screen and virtual world.


How dating apps may no longer play the same role According to a recent survey, 28.4 million people are active users of dating apps. And this, only in India. As of 2022, there were nearly 366 million dating app users across the world. In a post-pandemic scenario, where people got habituated to finding relationships, connections and familiarity whilst sitting behind the screen, the company’s vision is to encourage people to step out and meet people and have meaningful conversations—oh, and do away with the need for dating apps entirely. It even went as far as to state: “Hinge. Bumble. Tinder. Pear will take it from here.” 

Reactions galore When the news of the ‘ring for singles’ went viral on various platforms, social media users took to the comments’ section to express how they feel about it. The reactions were a mix of positive, negative and completely hilarious.

One user said, “You know on paper this is cringe but in reality, it’s just putting people back on outside to meet others, in person, so, kinda a win.”

Another commented: “You want me to pay money for a ring that lets people know that I don’t have game?” 


“Imagine breaking up with someone by giving them this ring,” one netizen. Sure makes for a quick (and not to nice exit).

“Hard pass, wearing a wedding ring doesn’t stop men from hitting on us. So we don’t need the ‘green light’ ring,” yet another user stated. Something to definitely think about, alright!

As for us, we’re eager to see how this experiment unfolds and unveils itself. Will you sport a singles ring, too?