Zodiac signs that don’t like being single

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Zodiac signs that don’t like being single

While being single has its own charm, many people are just not able to remain uncoupled for long. Whether it sounds like you or someone you know, you can tell it's not that uncommon. Sure, we'd like to believe that one must learn how to be by themselves before getting attached to someone. However, sometimes people end up taking time to get there. Irrespective of the reasons, did you know that a person’s Zodiac sign plays a big hand in this? While some signs are okay with being by themselves, others crave the companionship and the little perks that come with having someone by your side. So, after a breakup, these signs are glued to their dating app—swiping away—trying to find their perfect match. No judgement, you do you! 

Of course, numerous factors affect how we approach relationships and it differs from person to person. But there is no denying that the personality traits that have been passed down to us by our Zodiac signs have an effect as well. Below are some signs that don’t enjoy being single, read on. 


Ruled by the moon, Cancerians are emotional and empathic. As much as they love caring for people around them, they also need to feel cared for. They crave stability and the comfort of having a partner. This is why they feel lost when they are single. They are at their 100 per cent when they have someone they can rely on, trust and plan fun little experiences with.   


Librans are naturally flirty and they crave harmony and attention. And considering the sign is ruled by Venus (the planet of love and beauty), this isn’t surprising. They are the sort to daydream about riding off into the sunset with their white knights or doodle little hearts everywhere. So, you can imagine just how much they hate being single. If they are, chances are they are swiping on dating apps as if their lives depend on it. Okay, we exaggerate for effect but you get the point, right? 


As an earth sign, Taurians generally want a stable and strong relationship. Someone they can come home to and go through life with. If they are single, they will not hesitate to put themselves out there. They fall in love easily and without any inhibitions. Taurians are easygoing and relaxed but know what they want and won’t stop until they’ve found their perfect match.  


People born under the Leo sign are warm and expressive and love being the centre of attention. They have a magnetic charm that just draws others to them and they know it. And so, being single just doesn’t quite sit right with them. They are the sort to jump from one relationship to another to find someone who can match their vibe. 


As a mutable sign, Pisces are known to easily adapt to their surroundings. They are kind, generous and empathetic. However, they love having someone to share their life with. Being single to them feels like a fish out of water (get it, get it?). Piscians fall in love very easily and sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes it’s not. But despite the heartbreaks, they aren’t afraid to get back on the dating bandwagon. 

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