5 Ways To Handle Breaking Up With Your Work Wife

Especially #4!




Did you have a recent falling out with your best friend at work? UGH! We feel your pain. You spend SO much of your time at the office and unlike a relationship breakup, you have to see your (ex) bestie EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. While it is never going to be like it was, it doesn't have to be as uncomfortable as you think! Here are 5 simple steps on overcoming a work-wife bust up and come out on top! 

1) Keep things professional.

As hard as it may be, be polite and maintain your professionalism with one another in the work environment. 

2) Focus on your work!

Instead of focusing your energy on losing the friendship with you co-worker, spend time focusing on productivity. This will help get your mind off of your fall out and you'll look like a rockstar! 

3) Make new friends.

Why not take this time to befriend some of your other coworkers? You never know how much you can have in common with your other work mates! 

4) Avoid gossip.

Do your best to avoid bad mouthing your ex-work bestie. Know it may be tempting to let others know your side of the story,  however it will make you look unprofessional and immature!  Even if she is trashing you, do not reciprocate. Rise above it.

5) Keep your distance. 

The best way to deal with breaking up with your work bestie is to keep your distance. Give yourself some space to focus on your assignments, making new office friends and most importantly, yourself!