7 Money Saving Tips Every Girl Should Know

it's all about the money, honey!

21 March, 2018
7 Money Saving Tips Every Girl Should Know

Who doesn't love a little extra cash at the end of the week?! We sure do! But if you feel like your money is disappearing into thin air, read on to find out how you can save your money!

1) Shop your closet. Have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? Yep, story of our lives! But take it from us,take a peek at the back of your closet for the most 'unworn' pieces and it will feel like you just went shopping... FOR FREE!

2) Set an allowance. Give yourself a number to spend for the week and do your absolute best to stick with it! Make it a point to cover all your expenses using this money only!

3) Pack lunch. Buying lunch everyday is expensive and unhealthy! Pack your lunch for work so you know exactly what you are putting in your mouth while saving money!

4) Get a piggy bank. We all have extra coins that end up inside the couch, on the floor, behind the TV... why not give them a home? Get a small piggy bank for your daily change and you will see how much money you can accumulate quickly!

5) Work out at home. Gym memberships, personal trainers, and exercise classes can be super expensive. Ditch the gym and work out at home by watching some fun, yet highly effective workout videos on YouTube!

6) Use a debit card instead of credit. Debit cards give you full control on how much you can spend and you don't have to worry about being in debt!

7) Set limits for "Happy Hour" nights. Going out for happy hour 3-4 times a week can really add up! Set limits for the number of days you go out and see how much money you will save!

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