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6 Easy Tips to Get You Back in Shape After a Long Break

You CAN do it!

Getting back into working out after a long break might sound intimidating, but it doesn't have to be! Follow these 6 easy steps to get yourself to love the gym in no time!

1) Start off slowIf you have taken a long break from working out, getting back can definitely be a challenge. Start off slow and and ease into your work outs!

2) Set realistic goals and stick to themPick a certain number of days to hit the gym and make sure you get there no matter what! Tip: Lay out your clothes the night before to make sure you get to the gym!

3) Make it funThrow a few fun workout classes in between gym days! This will easily break up your official 'gym time' but still give you a fun workout!

4) Grab a friendWorking out with a friend is a great way to motivate one another! Go for a run with your bestie then help each other out at the gym!

5) Mark your calendarEach day you go to the gym, mark it on the calendar. It truly helps to visually see your accomplishments and you will feel guilty for your missed days!

6) Reward yourselfReward yourself by allowing your self a cheat day or cheat meal for all your hard work!