This Asian-Continental Food Is SO Worth Breaking With Your Diet For!

Viet Cong Banh Trang Rolls? Yes, Please!

Normally, if you heard a place was doing Asian in tandem with Continental cuisine, it might sound a touch dubious. However, Andrea's Eatery in Saket does a pretty good job of handling both (incredibly diverse) kinds of cuisine, something we discovered as we sampled the Satay and the Freshly Baked Country Style Bruschetta side-by-side.

The salads are light, fun and citrus-y—definitely worth it if you're counting your calories but don't want to eat something regulation and boring.

The place does prawns very well in a number of forms—one of our faves was the Sorrento Lemon prawns, with great textures and nuanced flavours. The other was in the Viet Cong Banh Trang Rolls—paper thin, delicate and rife with flavours.

Their burgers are interesting—not our chief pick, but still a good, safe bet.

The caramel pork was DELISH. Absolutely fabulous flavours, and, since pork can be tricky, very well handled.

Lastly, the Creamy Cheese Wild Mushroom is a must-do for any Italian food lover. Decadent and rich without being overwhelming, it's definitely quite the star.