5 Unusual Social Norms Practiced In Different Countries

Dine, don't whine.

The last thing any globetrotter would want to do is to offend people of another country without having any such intentions. Our beautiful planet has 195 countries and almost all the countries have their own norms,which might seem weird to the foreigners.

Let's go through some of these dining do's and don't to take care of while at a foreign place.

1. Japan —No tipping

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Tipping is not a common practice in Japan. In fact, don't be surprised if your tip gets declined even when you offer it generously.

2. Egypt —Use the right hand

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It is considered that the left hand is unclean and so it's associated with evil. So, while taking food or giving anyone anything, use the right hand.

3. Portugal —Don't ask for salt

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In Portugal, the chef takes offence if you put salt in the cooked meal.

4. Italy —No Cappuccino after meals

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Try and order a cappuccino after a meal and see how everyone thinks you're crazy. The Italians feel that drinking milk after any meal messes up the ability to digest food properly.

5. Mexico —Eat with the hands

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Unless you want the people to think of you as a snob. It is considered snobby to use a fork and knife in Mexico.