There is Now Officially a Fourth Kind of Chocolate!

Dark, Milk, White and...?

Nope, we're not talking about a flavour update on current kinds of chocolate—this isn't a dark-laced-with-mint situation, we assure you.

Scientists have, in fact, declared a new form of chocolate altogether to join the ranks of dark, white and milk; and it's called Ruby chocolate.

Since white chocolate was introduced to the world close on 80 years ago, there hasn't been a new form altogether to come into being...until now. This kind of chocolate comes from the Ruby cocoa bean, that possesses pink pigments.

The chocolate you see hasn't been dyed or flavoured or indeed, treated in any way. That is it's natural hue, and it's organic flavour is 'fruity, but a little sour'.

The new chocolate is currently not available to the public, but will soon be, because it's being shipped off to candy conglomerates and chocolatiers as we speak.