Working Late Increases Your Risk Of Having a Stroke By a Third

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Sadly, it's no secret office hours are getting longer. The classic nine-to-five is beginning to feel like a mere myth for most of us - and the idea of not having our work emails connected to our smartphones is enough to make most of us break out into cold sweats.

But now a new study has shown that working late could make our risk of a stroke up to three times more likely. Eek. In a study conducted by The Lancet Medical Journal, research showed that on average those who slog it out for an extra three hours a day (making their working week around 55 hours long) are around 33% more likely to suffer a stroke. Pretty terrifying stuff, right?

According to the researchers, it's not just sitting at a desk replying to emails that's making us unhealthy. Researchers reasoned that people working long hours often can't find time to exercise, eat a balanced diet, or get enough sleep - a potentially lethal combo. Sound familiar anyone? SIGH.

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By Hayley Thompson

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