This Instagram News Will Rock Your World

So long, square crop.




Since the beginning of Instagram time, we've been perfecting our photo composition to fit inside the standard square crop, but in the biggest announcement ever (besides John Legend singing on stage with Taylor Swift), we can now post our beloved photos and videos in portrait or landscape. After all, variety is the spice of feed life.

If you think you might mourn the square crop though, don't worry, Instagram have assured everyone it's not going anywhere as it "has and always will be part of who we are". That's right Instagram, don't forget your roots.

Although your photos will still appear as a centre-cropped square on your profile "to keep the clean feel", they'll all be pretty and different in the feed.

So as soon as you download the latest app update you'll have the option to choose the orientation of your posts. *Double taps screen*

Instagram also revealed that while we've gotten used to having different filters for photos and videos, "all filters will now work on all moments." We seriously almost can't keep up with these innovative peeps.

Sometimes life is just too good to us.

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