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4 Surprising Benefits of Taking a Shot of Olive Oil in the Morning

Glug one for health

1.Weight loss

The famous Mediterranean diet involves starting the day with a shot of olive oil. The acid present in olive oil named oleic gives a filling effect. Also, the slow absorption of other nutrients keeps a person feel full for long.

2. Healthy colon

According to a study olive oil consumption can be helpful in fending off colon cancer at various stages. Extra virgin olive oil is full of antioxidants that help to lose free radicals that could lead to cancer.

3. Gorgeous skin

While consumption of olive oil takes care of various organs and overall wellness, its application on the skin also brings out the best. This multi-purpose oil can be used as an exfoliant when mixed with sugar. Or, if you have super-dry skin, apply the oil directly and you'd never look for another option.

4.Reduced heart disease risk

The monosaturated fat present in olive oil is good for your heart. It helps to increase HDL, which is also called good cholesterol.