Woman in Coma After Her Butt Implants Explode During Squat Routine

Serena Beuford will require surgery after her unlicensed implants popped.




Serena Beuford, 27, is in a coma after her butt implants popped while she was working out, WOAI reports. She was at a local Texas gym doing squats when the implants broke down. Beuford apparently yelled that her butt was gone before she collapsed.

According to several sources, a patron at the gym, Jewel, said this is what happened: "I heard a loud popping noise followed by the woman falling to the floor. She was screaming my ass is gone! I had no idea what she was talking about until I saw her cushion like butt missing when EMS took her out the gym. She used to always show off her butt in the gym and tried to get guys attention with her work outs." It's not certain if this is exactly how things went down, or if the quote was fabricated.

According to her sister, Beuford was filming an Instagram video and hoped to get famous for her 64-inch butt. She had gotten the implants from an unlicensed clinic that is now under investigation. Doctors say Beuford will require surgery, as the exploding implants caused some serious damage to her rectum, colon, and lower intestines.

The moral of this story? Don't get illegal butt injections. Get famous on Instagram by posting pictures of your cat or something instead.

By Frank Kobola

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