Why Is The 'Tide Pod Challenge' The New Social Media Hazard?

Yes, we're ACTUALLY talking about the laundry detergent.

The Gallon challenge, the Blue Whale challenge, the Cinnamon challenge, and now it's the Tide Pod challenge. Millennials are continuously inventing and following rigorous social media challenges. After the infamous Blue Whale challenge that took nearly 200 lives last year, a new dangerous social media challenge is gaining momentum.

If you're quite active on social media, you must have come across the term 'Tide Pod Challenge'. The challenge that started off as a meme on the Internet, has now become a health threat to majority of the youngsters who are taking this challenge.

Many teenagers and young adults taking up the challenge are eating tide pods (an alternative to detergent, used for laundry purpose) and then posting their videos on social media, which in turn is inspiring other millennials to take up the dangerous challenge. The horrifying videos in which teens film them eating tide pods are going viral on the Internet, and is also forcing us to ponder upon the fact, "What's wrong with the millennials"?

Most of the social media videos related the challenge have been removed from the Internet, but here's a reaction video that shows how harmful the challenge is-

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsbsUcg_rcQ[/youtube]

The wave of these dangerous social media challenges is taking a toll on our Generation Y and Z or the baby boomers, who were actually born in the era of social media—case in point the Blue Whale Challenge that made major headlines last year and was reponsible for taking more than 200 lives, forced people to commit suicide when they reached the last stage of the game.

Youngsters have become so obsessed with social media that they even blind-eye to any hazard approaching them, if it is termed as a 'social media challenge'. The level of audacity millennials showing on social media is questionable and troublesome. Instagram has reached mainstream prominence and kids these days prefer to bury themselves in their iPhone screens than peer out the window and engage with the real world, this fallacious behaviour has lead to social media being called as harmful as 'drugs and alcohol', degrading mental as well as physical health.