The Cosmo Girl's Guide to Coffee

We decode the contents of your cup so you can go from coffee rookie to caffeine snob in under five minutes!




  • Espresso—a strong, concentrated shot. No monkey business.
  • Americano—like espresso, but with a certain amount of warm water.
  • Cappucino—espresso + Milk + Foam (in equal proportions)
  • Latte—like cappuccino, but with more milk.
  • Macchiato—equal parts espresso and milk foam.
  • Flat-White—a cooler, more velvety version of 'cino minus the distinct layers.
  • Cold Coffee—a delectable blend of espresso, milk and good ol' sugar.
  • Cold Brew—Like ice tea, but with coffee —brewed overnight for a rich, robust flavour.
  • Vietnamese Coffee—drip coffee made using a filter, served with condensed milk.
  • Pour-Over—A 1:10 kinda coffee extracted by pouring warm water through ground coffee placed on a fibre filter. A coffee snob's delight.
  • AeroPress: Similar in proportion to Pour-Over but extracted from an AeroPress-like filter. A must-try for the subtleties in flavour.

P.S. Did you the difference between single origins and blends is that the former comes from a single geographic reason, or, in narrower terms, a single farm? Blends, on the other hand, are a mix of two or more, so they complement each other. Purists, of course, prefer the former.

(A big thank you to Perch Wine & Coffee Bar and coffee bean suppliers Kaffa Cerrado for the 101!)