10 Ways Miranda Priestly Taught Us How To Be Boss At Life

"That's all".




​#1 If you're not pleased with something, don't take it lying down! Make things change! Make a designer cry and redo his whole collection from scratch!

#2 Coffee is the fuel of success. And when you're Miranda Goddamn Priestly, it'd better be there on time.

#3 How to handle basically any sh*tstorm headed your way. Even if it looks incredibly life-threatening.

#4 Time is of the essence. There's no time for a stroll—there is only high-crisis-alert sprinting.

#5 Don't talk too much and ask too much at work. Find your own solutions—that's the secret ingredient to being a star.

#6 If ever there was a bastion for thinking outside the box and doing things differently, it's the Madame Priestly…

#7 Be fussy, and particular. Don't settle for something that's vague, and 'in the ballpark' of what you want. Get something done so that it's exactly as you pictured it, and it's something you can be proud of.

#8 Be nice. I don't think she meant to teach us this one, but if you don't throw a little delicacy in the mix with your diva-diatribe, the people you work with will edge towards the at-risk-of-suicide end of the scale.

#9 Don't be a push-over. If you're not okay with something that's asked of you, if some treats you badly or oversteps their bounds, it's okay to say the 'N' word.

#10 Own it. Don't be shy about who you are, or what you've achieved. If you have confidence enough in yourself, it's almost a guarantee that other people will too.