You Won't Believe How Many People Share Their Photos Online ONLY After Editing!

Because your breakfast just wouldn't look right without the Nashville filter, right?




​We all love Instagram and how it makes our skin look ten times smoother, and our lunch appear ten times appetising than it actually is. But did you know, that photo editing apps like Instagram and Camera360 are killing traditional photo editing skills?

A survey, done by Photoion Photography School, found that 68% of adults admitted to sharing their images online only after editing them, and a majority of them admitting that they only use iOS and Android apps to do so. This increase in reliance on editing images is attributed to the pre-filters offered by these apps (like Instagram, Camera+ VSCO Cam).

A rather surprising statistic surfaced in this research, which was that the majority of these people were women. Despite recent hue and cry and severe backlash against fashion magazines and designers for retouching images of celebrities and models before featuring them, over 70% of women admitted that they only share their photos online after editing them to make themselves look good.

The research also showed that only 1 in 10 adults is able to edit images, without the use of these apps! 

On this, Ion Paciu,  founder and tutor at Photoion Photography School, said: "Traditional photo editing is a form of art that is rapidly dying out due to the rise of apps. I do think the development of smart phones and devices is fantastic, as they allow everyone to capture images on the go and to an extent edit pictures, however there is no substitute for quality, detailed photo editing and apps like Instagram will never replace this."

He also added, "To a beginner, traditional photo editing programmes can be incomprehensible but it is much more straightforward than you think and traditional photo editing makes a significant difference to images."

Well, there you go then!

Now before you feel bad about editing your pictures, know that (in Sam Smith's words) you're not the only one!