This iPhone App Allows You To Be Woken Up By a Sexy Frenchman If You Want...

... or a Spanish, Italian or even British man!




Yes, that's right.

If you've ever fantasised about waking up next to a sexy Frenchmen that, let's face it, you most certainly have, then all your dreams can come true with just an iPhone app!

Morning Man Alarm Clock is a new app which allows you to be woken up with an international accent of your choice! It sure beats waking up to Katy Perry singing about the one that got away. 

You can choose from French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian, Australian, British or Scottish accents, whatever works for you!

This demo might give you an idea of what you're missing:

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7W44kMeIwE[/youtube]

An absolutely wonderful way to wake up, I say!